Feb 12, 2019

How to change android phone location

How to change android phone location

It can sometimes be very useful to fudge his GPS position on his device. Either as a security measure, to be sure that certain applications do not know where you are, or simply to make believe to your friends that you are at a specific place for example.

Fake GPS Pro will simply allow you to fudge your GPS position by making believe in all the applications of your device, that you are at a predefined place. By cons, it will first jailbreak your iPhone.

For this, follow our tutorial for iOS 9.3.3. EDIT: very useful also for Pokémon GO :). After installing the tweak, a new icon appears on the home screen. This is what the application looks like during startup:

* The blue dot indicates your true position.

* There are three buttons at the bottom

* The one on the left allows you to view your actual position.

* The one on the right allows you to display the position you want to assign to your device.

*The one in the center starts the process (assign the wrong position)  

* To assign a false position, there are three possibilities

* Choose a city using the menu accessible through the button at the top left

* Choose a specific place (for example, the Eiffel Tower) or simply choose a specific point on the map.

For example, one can choose Central Park in New York. Just find New York on the map, then press a few seconds on the screen to display a point which will then give you information on the chosen location (address, distance ...)

Once the position is chosen, simply click on the center button in the bottom bar. The small pin that indicates your false position will then turn red instead of gray and the message "Traveling On ..." will appear to inform you that the faking of your position is in progress on the device.

You can check it by launching the Apple Maps app for example:

By clicking on the button on the bottom left that displays its position, we can see that the false location previously chosen appears. And this, on any application on your device (Google Maps, Waze, Facebook, Twitter, ...). The tweak also has some options available directly from the application using the button at the top right.

"Sound" allows to activate the sound on the application "Map Type" allows you to choose the type of map you want to use (standard view or satellite view) "White List App" allows to choose the applications that should not be affected by the false position (practical for the application "Locate my iPhone" for example) "Jumping Range" allows you to choose a radius, in kilometers, in which a random position will affect when you shake your device. For example, if you choose "100 km" and shake your device, a false position will be chosen within a 100-kilometer radius of you. There are several possibilities and you can choose "Global" to take into account the whole map.

So this is a tweak that can be very handy in some cases or can simply be used to make small jokes to friends. Fake GPS Pro is available at a price of $ 4.99 on the Bigboss source.

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