Sep 3, 2017

How to Integrate Intense Debate Commenting System into Blogger Blog

I recently use Blogger but Unfortunately, I hate Blogger default commenting system as it requires more click and not really commentator friendly. Some of the popular commenting systems like DISQUS & intense debate can easily be integrated into BlogSpot commenting system easily and thus it will offer more advanced features to users.

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Though if you wish to migrate to WordPress (Tell me why you should not) in future, importing comment from intense debate comment to WordPress might be an issue. But if you are a hobby blogger and plan to stick BlogSpot for long, it’s better to kick out the default commenting system and integrate intense debate or DISQUS commenting system.

In this post, I’m going to help you with how you can install Intense debate commenting system on your blog using simple techniques.

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Let’s get started!!

First, you need to Sign up for Intense Debate. While signing up select option which says I want to use the Intense debate on my Website/Blog.

How to Integrate Intense Debate Commenting System into Blogger Blog

How to Add IntenseDebate Commenting System to Blogger:

Go to Install page and add your domain name here. In this case, I’m using Custom BlogSpot domain feature.

How to Integrate Intense Debate Commenting System into Blogger Blog
How to Integrate Intense Debate Commenting System into Blogger Blog

The second step is to log in with your Intense debate account info, which we created in the first step above.

Select the platform where you want to Install Intense debate:

Now select the blogging platform where you want to install intense debate. In our case it’s BlogSpot.

There are two Installation method 1) Template 2) Widget. Widget method is easy but it might definitely slow download time. So we will go ahead with the Template method.

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Also, you have an option to add Intense debate system to an only new blog post or integrate it completely into your BlogSpot system (old posts).

I would go for a later one, as readers might like to add comments to old and evergreen posts. Login to your BlogSpot blog, click on Template >Backup/Restore and download your current template.

Click on Choose file and upload the template which you just downloaded:

On the next page, it will give you an updated code. Simply copy it and go to the Edit HTML mode of your template, Select all and paste the code. It will replace old codes with new codes which are also integrated with the Intense Debate system.

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Click on save the template and check out your blog. If you have done everything as mentioned above, you will see a commenting system like this:

How to Integrate Intense Debate Commenting System into Blogger Blog

It might take little time before all BlogSpot comments will sync to intense debate commenting system. But once done, you can easily start using the power of intense debate and probably you might start seeing more comments on your BlogSpot blog.

I would love to know your experience with Intense debate system. Would you recommend the same to other BlogSpot bloggers or you would recommend DISQUS or any other commenting system?

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