Dec 6, 2017

Major Advantage of Using Blogger Platform

Major Advantage of Using Blogger Platform
Hello, are you a blogger just like me or you may have definitely decided to start blogging today whether for your business or for your personal use, but it may have seen like you cannot afford to buy of personal hosting site or to renew of hosting and other things such as plugins, well, you can actually start your blogging with some free best blogging platforms like Blogger or In This Post, I am going to state and briefly explain some major Advantages of Using Blogger Platform.

As we all know in Real Life, Every Thing that is provided or going on surely Has his own Advantages and also has his own Disadvantages. But today's post I will Only concentrate on The Advantages. In some coming post I will discuss some of its Disadvantages so let’s get started.

1.==> Security: Your Blogger Blog Is 100% Secured as Far as Google remains the owner and managers of blogger. You Don’t Need to worry about installing Security Widgets, pasting of some writing codes, paying company to secure your blog and other things, not like WordPress where you need to install Tons of Security Plugins also you have to be renewing it in ending of every single month which really cost some huge amount of money.

2.==> Bandwidth: You Don’t Even Need to Worry About your Bandwidth for your blog in Blogger. You Can Get as Much Traffic as You Want Unlike Blogging Platforms Like WordPress Where You Have Limited Bandwidth by hosting providers Even Though You Bought Unlimited Bandwidth, It’s Not Always Unlimited it is just a writing word.

3.==> Accessibility: You Can Create up to 100 Blogger Blogs with one email address and you can Access All of them from One Dashboard not like WordPress hosting providers the usually limited the amount of blog you can create and it depends on the amount you pay the more money you pay the more you have access to your dashboard.

4.==> Google Webmaster Verification: No need to follow some step to verify your blog Your Blogger Blog Is Automatically Verified by Google Webmasters Since Its a Hosted Property Owned by Google.

5.==> Images Storage: The Images You Uploaded to Your Blogger Blog Are Stored In Picasa. You Don’t Need to Worry About Your Images Because they are in a safe place. Even If You want to Delete You Blog Today, You’ll Have an Option If You want to Delete the Images Also. You Can Also Use Picasa as You Image Hosting Site. Just Save You Images Online.

6.==> Creation of Widgets: You Can Create Widgets with Simple HTML that is provided by blogger all what you need to do is Go to, Sign in with Your Google Account, Create A Blog, Use Blogger Default Template and Your Blog is Ready… See how Simple It is? But for Professionalism, You’ll Have to Use a Better Template, Add Many Widgets So as to Look More Professional! You Don’t Need to Learn some basic or any programming language Before Using Blogger Blogs.

Later you can migrate your blog anytime to the self-hosted WordPress blogs to gain more control over your blog and get even more potential for its growth. So what are your thoughts on the blogger platform? Why do you also like blogger platform? Please share your thoughts in the comments and if you found this post very helpful don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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