Sep 19, 2017

How To Add Related Posts on BlogSpot

How To Add Related Posts on BlogSpot

Hello guys, today I came up with my personal review on how to add related posts to your BlogSpot post using a simple process, showing related posts in your blogger blog have many advantages and one of the major advantages of it is letting your readers stick to all over your blog. 

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The usual practice is to show related posts after any posts and once a reader is done reading the current article, he can simply pick one from the related section shown. Usually, related posts show articles from your blog which is related to the current article. Depending on which method you are using to show related posts, it will show the related posts as relevant as possible.

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How to use Linkwithin Widget to Show Related Posts on BlogSpot

Linkwithin makes easier for blogger users to add a related post in their blog without using difficult techniques, One of the cool things about Linkwithin Widget is it shows related posts with pictures that you have already posted in your blog and it is relevant to the current new post, that means you will get better CTR

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The widget is free and very simple to set up to use links within you have to create one for your blog Here is an example of mine.

How To Add Related Posts on BlogSpot

How Would I Create For My Blog?

First, you need to visit within Homepage by clicking here, On the page, you need to insert your Blog URL, Platform (Blogger) in your case and select the number of related posts you want to show after every post. Click on get widget and on the next page you will be getting instruction on how to add Linkwithin widget to your BlogSpot blog.

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You will be able to quickly add the widget on your blog and it will start working immediately after adding. Though this plugin is simple to use and anyone with zero tech skills can use it on their blog. One limitation of this widget is, it doesn’t directly link to other articles, so you miss out a bit on internal linking.

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If your BlogSpot template allows you to have a related widget which directly links to other posts, I recommend to use it. If you don’t have that option, you should stick to LinkWithin Widget. If you know of any other method which a BlogSpot user can add related posts with thumbnails, let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this article with other users on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

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