Sep 19, 2017

How To Sign Up In RevenueHits earnings

Hello guys, today I came up with my personal review about Well, but this post is not for all people, but for people who run websites/blogs [Bloggers].
Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to earn money from our websites/blogs. In that, CPC, CPM, CPA etc are most famous ways.  As per my view, it is quite easy to earn money with CPC rather than CPM, CPA. Coming to CPC., Google Adsense is the most famous one to earn money, but getting Adsense approval is hard today. Even though we have Adsense, we may not get enough cash! For example, I don’t have Adsense for some of my sites, many times I got rejected, So I was searching from a long time about how to earn money from those blogs other than Adsense, then I Found Revenuehits. So I started using it, done experiments with various ad formats, earned some money, and finally satisfied well! So I decided to write a review post on how to sign up in revenuehits and I wanna share all my experience,

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Are you looking to improve the monetization of your website, but have low RPM or low CPC? Do you have good traffic, but you are not earning enough money? There’s a good solution out there for you. Based on my own experience, comparing the ad networks I used, I would say that RevenueHits is absolutely the best choice for website monetization.
When I wanted to start monetizing my websites, I took time to contact a few networks, and  RevenueHits  was one of them. I joined RevenueHits and set up an account very easily. After setup, I received some tags (ad units), which I placed on my website. With 5,000 different advertisers on RevenueHits I tried out a wide variety of ads, until I found the ones that best worked for my site.

Signing up and submitting your site for Approval:

    · To sign up (opening an account) at Revenuehits, ClickHereThis is my special link for submitting your websites/blogs for instant approval!
·       So after you open the link which I gave, Now fill the details carefully in Step1 and Step2 and finally click “Submit”.

·       Now verify your email address and login to your account

Creating Ads
·       To create ads, open Placements tab in your Revenuehits account.

      ·       Now it’ll show you 2 options – “New Placement” and “New Mobile Placement“.

“New Placement” means the ads related to Desktop site & “New Mobile Placement” means the ads related to Mobile site. the types of placements and the ads available in those placements.

Desktop Ads: In this type, all the desktop mode ads will be present, like Banner ads, slider ads etc.      Of course, whatever the ad format which you select here, and place it on your site/blog, then the ad will run both on desktop version and mobile version of your site, which means, if a reader from the USA visited your blog from his computer, he’ll see the ad and if a reader from the UK visited your blog in his mobile, he’ll too see the ad. So in simple, I can say as, all the ads in “New Placement” tab will run both on Pc and mobile. ad formats and ad types are available as follows:

Ø Banner
Ø 158×21 Button
Ø 468×60 Footer
Ø 728×90 Footer
Ø Interstitial
Ø Popunder
Ø Shadow Box
Ø Slider
Ø Topbar

Mobile Ads:   In this type, all the mobile mode ads will be present, like Mobile Dialog, Notifier etc. Here we should note one thing, except 2 ad placements (Interstitial & New Tab), remaining all ads will run only in the mobile version of your site/blog. For example, if you are running Notifier Ad on your site, now if a reader from France visits your blog from laptop and another reader from Russia visits your blog from Cell, then the Russia reader only will see the Notifier Ad on his Cell and the Laptop reader from France won’t see any ad on your site. So here, most of the ads in Mobile Placement tab will run only in mobile.

Available Ad Formats

v Mobile Dialog
v Footer
v Interstitial
v Notifier
v New Tab

So now once you get a clarity of the selection of your required ad slot, you have to setup the ad code and place it on your site. Well, I’m showing it completely by taking an example of the banner.

once you are on Placement tab in your Revenuehits account, select your required placement (Desktop/mobile) and then select your required placement type (ad). So for example, I’m taking banner ad in the “New Placement” ads.

So now it’ll show you a form type and in that you have to fill some details like Placement name, selection of your Site, Description of your Ad etc and finally click “Save”.

So once you save it, Placements tab will be opened automatically and all the ads you created will appear in Placement tab.  So on your required ad, you should click this “</>” button and then the ad code of your ad will open in a box.

Now you have to copy that Ad code and place it on your blog/site. As I’ve created banner, If your blog/site is Blogger site like mine, then you’ll place the Pop up Ad code in HTML/JavaScript box of Layout Section. So like this, you have to create your required Ad and place it on your site/blog.

Within how much time the Revenue stats will get updated in our account?

“Revenue” will be updated only oncefor 24 hours and that’ll be the final revenue! all our daily earnings are “Finalized earnings”,

Which Ad Formats will I Place to gain more Cash in Revenuehits?

best Ad Formats in this Revenuehits review post which gives you lots of money are Popup Ad, Leaderboard, Interstitial.

Well, you can always check your earnings in the “Payments” section. The current balance, previous months earnings etc will be present there!

Now the minimum threshold Payment is $20 but not $50. evenuehits Payment is in net 30 terms. Which means if you earn total $60 in this month, then you’ll get that $60 in next month ending.  And their payment process are Payment will be done by Paypal, Wire, and Payoneer. So you can select your required method.

try for 5 days if your blog ad slots are empty Experiment yourself with various ad formats available there like Popup ads, slider etc.You may get more money than me, who knows? So if you have doubts or any new ideas, please post it in the below comment box! Btw, please share this post with your blogger friends and let them also earn some money!

I’ve also made the video by showing all the above steps of this part, so you can check the video too.

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