Sep 2, 2017

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Network for Your Blog

Welcome to Guide Tricks Tutorial, Today I am going to discuss on how to choose the best from the rest affiliate network for your blog, To be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to choose and promote the best products on your blog. Some of new affiliate marketers fail to earn money from affiliate marketing because they do not choose the right product to promote. Finding success in affiliate marketing is not simply easy, but it is not as complicated as you think.
which affiliate products you choose to market and what medium you use to promote the products will make a difference in terms of what you gain from this type of marketing.

How To Start with affiliate marketplace:

There are various available affiliate products to promote in your blog from different marketplaces, but The best place to start hunting for affiliate products is in marketplaces like ClickBank, ShareASale and Commission Junction. Depending on your niche, But Commission Junction and ClickBank are highly recommended.

What is a niche affiliate product?

A niche affiliate product simply refers to any product that is related to your blog topics and could be interested to your readers. If, for example, you write a blog on topics within the health niche, you would want to promote a product related to the niche of your blog, that being the health niche. My advice for you is to select the hottest selling products in your niche, and start writing about them. This will help you to boost your conversion rate.

Join affiliate programs individually:

Most of the online products have their own in-house affiliate programs. All you need to do is find the hottest selling products in your niche and take the opportunity to market these products. For example, if you run a blog about dogs, you can try to find an affiliate program related to dog food or dog care. Find the companies that are selling such products online, and on their website you will find the links to the affiliate programs. Alternatively, you can simply Google “ affiliate” or “(product name) + affiliate program”. These are manual searches, of course, but this works in most cases, especially when you are in a niche where it is difficult to find an affiliate product. (An example of this might be something like tattoo designs.)

Be sure to try a product before recommending it! Not doing so is one of the most common mistakes made by many bloggers. I have often seen bloggers recommending ighend products without even using them. Personally, I recommend that you do not do this. Your credibility as a reviewer would be adversely affected by this practice. Giving an honest review on a product you have actually tried and used will increase your credibility and your reliability.

here are some of the factors which you need to be consider When signing up for any affiliate program:
     ·       Available banners
     ·       Tax form required or not
     ·       Minimum payout
     ·       Promotional matters
     ·       Affiliate control panel
     ·       Payment method

These factors will help you to decide if you are ready to promote this particular product.

Are you into affiliate marketing? How do you decide which products are right for your blog and which are not? Let us know using the comments section below.

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