Apr 21, 2021

Security and Traffic Enforcement Solutions | Vehant Technologies

Security and Traffic Enforcement Solutions | Vehant Technologies

Global development has given us numerous gifts but not without its bane. Traveling to distant places has become more comfortable and faster because of the bang in the automobile industry. On the other hand, it comes with the limitations of many traffic problems. The major problem of traffic arises when numerous people travel at the same time and cause congestion on the road.

To enforce the motor vehicle laws and to regulate traffic flow, Vehant Technologies comes up with an immense array of Security and Traffic Enforcement Solutions. These advanced solutions help the traffic police to control the varied kinds of traffic problems. Given below are some Security and Traffic Enforcement Solutions introduced by Vehant Technologies and their advantages as well. Go through it:

  •  It includes a modern video-based automated No-Helmet detection system for two-wheelers.

Ø  The system is designed and developed with a license plate recognition feature that gives a real-time outcome.

Ø  Laced with advanced ANPR cameras and AI technology this system also detects Triple Riding, Free Left Obstruction Violation as well as Wrong-Way Driving in real-time with complete evidence capturing mechanism.

  • The Vehicle Detection (ANPR) system offers vehicle count and occupancy, Red Light Violation Detection, with the High Resolution (5mp) cameras.

Ø  The complete system is portable, easy to install and maintain. This traffic monitoring camera turns into an intelligent sensor that improves incident detection and response times.

Ø  Vehant’s AI System is designed to systematize highway traffic monitoring for Units of Transportation and Traffic Management Centers.

Ø  The system with AI cameras can effortlessly detect a vehicle entering an exit ramp from the incorrect direction

  • The Vehant Security and Traffic Enforcement Solutions aims to make roads safer by sending alerts of crashes as well as dangerous driving. Also, it improves traffic supervision and control by counting and classifying vehicles and walkers. This AI monitoring system can spot road incidents with almost 100% accuracy.
  • The Vehant AI traffic management and surveillance system recognizes cars, bikes, accidents, jams, and unsafe driving, with a high accuracy rate. Moreover, it can alert the controller in emergency situations such as crashes and crimes.  

Latest Release of Vehant Technologies: AI-based COVID – 19 safety solution:

  • Thermal monitoring system observes the live temperature of all people comes under the range. 
  • UV - UVC light-based Baggage/luggage Disinfection System integrated with advanced AI-based Intelligent Hygiene Analytics completely clean, dry and chemical-free 360° UV bath for all Baggage/luggage passing through the tunnel.
  • AI-based Intelligent Hygiene Analytics allows the camera to monitor face mask detection, non-contact detection, social distancing, etc. It also helps in monitoring the kitchen packing units and their staff.
  • The AI-enabled live cameras help control and maintain traffic dynamically at the edge through real-time data capture and handling. It also provides input to traffic signal controllers at crossings, which improves traffic flow and ensures safety now.
  • The AI system is designed to replace human error and manual traffic reporting with a sovereign system that studies data from cameras and creates immediate insights into Traffic accidents are a leading cause of death (causing more yearly deaths than crime) and create a tremendous economic impact as well.

Reasons to Go with Vehant’s Security and Traffic Enforcement Solutions

One of the perils of living in the towns is a traffic jam. Urban roads are very congested due to heavy traffic. It's a vicious loop where bad roads cause traffic difficulties, and the heavy traffic does not allow scope for the development or renovation of roads. It increases vehicular traffic which causes several problems. Aggressive driving increases road rage and over-speeding that can affect the person and other commuters as well. Besides it, noise pollution also increases due to extra honking and excessive traffic. To stop these kinds of incidents on the roads, in actual and real-time, Vehant Technologies have introduced the latest range of security and traffic enforcement solutions.

The fully customizable alert functionality of these systems help the traffic supervisors to resolve any live problem by sending instant incident alerts to the traffic controlling center. The traffic controller can make custom instructions so that they specify all important alerts that meet the requirements.

Hence, it is recommended to use Vehant’s Security and Traffic Enforcement Solutions for investigating accidents and ensuring a smooth traffic flow.

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