Jan 12, 2021

All You Need To Know About Trademark And Its Necessity

All You Need To Know About Trademark And Its Necessity

A brand is undoubtedly the most important feature that distinguishes a business from other businesses. Nowadays, many consumers make an evaluation of the brand when choosing between products or services and use their preferences in that direction. The fact that the brand is so important has made its registration just as important. Trademark registration is also a very important factor for businesses to protect their trademark rights and prevent them from copying.

A brand is an important factor not only for the operator but also for the consumer. The main reasons why consumers prefer the brand are the fact that they find the brand reliable, the awareness of repurchasing, and the presence of someone they can always find contact with. While the brand factor is so important for the consumer, the registration of the brand is just as important for the operator. So what is the trademark registration so important for the operators? Let's briefly talk about how to apply.

What is Trademark Registration?

Trademark Terminal explains that the brand is an important element for businesses to continue their existence in a healthy way. Protection of this element is as important as its continuation. Of course, this protection must have a legal basis and must be precisely documented.

The reason for this protection and certification is that the brand represents the existence of the business and reaches the consumer in the shortest way. For this reason, the rights that are so important to the business must be protected and all rights must be legally guaranteed.

Trademark registration comes into play exactly at this stage and protects the right owner. Trademark registration is a document that should be obtained in order to prevent the use and copying of a trademark that has been thoroughly researched, considered, and eventually became public. At the same time, trademark registration is very important in terms of preventing damage to the corporate identity of the enterprise.

Why Is Trademark Registration Important?

The registered trademark has the ability to prevent possible damages to the existence and image of the businesses before they occur. If the brand is imitated by malicious people and people, the institution that will suffer is the business that owns the brand. In such a case, not only will the trust be damaged, but also the income situation of the business in question will be negatively affected.

It is possible that your trademark, whose trade date is not registered, may be used by others. TrademarkTerminal says that what is more dangerous for your brand than this is that those who use your brand are claiming your brand as if they own everything. In this case, your brand can not only be stolen but also owned.

Unprotected brand-owned businesses cannot do anything in such situations. It is possible for your brand to be subject to any sanctions other than getting out of hand. If those who own your brand register their names, it may put you in a situation where you cannot obtain any rights, no matter how much your efforts are.

But why Trademark Registration for every brand?

In terms of industrial property: when you protect your brand with registration, you create a protection area against a rival company - products. This protected area makes you legally entitled against possible imitations. It is a clear means of defense when you have a legal dispute. It provides a kind of monopoly for the goods and services you produce.

In terms of marketing: You can prevent a counterfeit or similar brand from benefiting from your marketing, advertising, and promotional activities only by protecting your brand with registration.

In terms of brand value: In today's globalized trade, whose boundaries have disappeared, brands' own values ​​have become more valuable than all fixed investments. In the coming years, brand values ​​will start to be included in the balance sheets as an asset value in our country. In this respect, the registered trademark is a commercial value in itself.

Domain names - in terms of websites: If you want to get an address with com. tr extension, you must send the information that your trademark application has been made for registration purposes to the relevant domain name provider. In addition, with the amendment, it is legally required for capital companies to have a website. 

In terms of other quality or management systems: When you attempt to obtain a certificate, especially to receive international fair support or participate in the tenders of public institutions and organizations, it will be an absolute necessity for your brand to be registered.

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