May 21, 2020

Reasons A Split-Screen Monitor Is Essential In Today's Day And Age

Reasons A Split-Screen Monitor Is Essential In Today's Day And Age

Two It is always better than one!! To shed some light on this mantra we have complied the ultimate reasons why you need to shift to split-screen monitor. Be it a split screen baby monitor or simply a monitor, the advantages of owning split-screen gadgets are endless.

In case you have no prior experience at using two monitors simultaneously then you might feel overwhelmed and get confused as to where to look. Due to these reasons, split-screen monitors aren’t that popular but once you get the hang of it, they are amazing.

In case you are a parent you can use split-screen monitors at work and to keep a check on your kid. For the ultimate list of the split, screen monitors CLICK HERE.

Working with split-screen will not require much effort, it isn’t rocket science. To get you all hyped up about split-screen monitors we have listed some reasons why they are better than single monitors

==> Increased Productivity

To back our claims up we referred to published studies that prove that using dual monitors increases productivity by 20 to 50%. Take for example computer programmers that have a screen assign to a particular task. They use one screen for source coding and the second one for programming. In this way, they are don’t have to go back and forth between tabs and can tackle huge workloads.

This technique helps eliminate errors and also frees times for you so that you can handle more projects.

==> Improved Multitasking

Keeping in line with what we just mentioned above its time to instruct you how split-screen will assist you in tackling two things simultaneously.

As effective multitasking requires enough screen space thus split-screen monitors are perfect for when you have to work on two projects simultaneously. The two screens provide ample room for the projects to be visible as compared to single screens that wouldn’t be able to display everything.

For those of you that are constantly working on the computer, are operating as customer service reps or are web designers by profession, split-screen will help you safe time in switching amid tabs or having to resize the widows constantly.

The gist is that with split-screen monitors you will now be able to focus and your tasks will be completed efficiently and accurately. For more articles:

==> Simpler cutting and pasting

This feature plays out well for those of you that create newsletter or presentations on PowerPoint.

With the dual monitors, there isn’t any need for you to keep altering between tabs or having to scroll down and up while working. Furthermore, with improved visibility, you will make lesser mistakes and your time will be saved as you will not be fixing errors all day.

==> Video and image editing

With split-screen monitors, you don’t have to stack numerous tools of editing on top of the video or image. Instead, you can have your tools assigned to one screen and the image to the other. So, you will be able to see all that your altering on the image. Inst that better than having the screen seem like Mahjong game.

Greater visibility equals fewer errors, so your final video or the image will be more polished.

==> Gaming

After working hard all day long you need to unwind, the gaming session is the best thing to indulge in after work.

What you need to make the most of the gaming sessions are dual monitors. The ample space on the screen will help you locate the enemies from far away. You will be able to anticipate your enemies' actions and retaliate within time.

Benefits of Using Split-Screen at Home

Dual monitors are currently being used in every industry, so you should make the most out of them at home as well.

In case you have installed two cameras at home to keep a check on what goes around your house then you don’t need to buy two screens. With all the cameras positioned around the house, you will just need to refer to one screen to view everything.

We have listed some major benefits of using split-screen at home:

  • Keeping a check on the baby

If you don’t want to enter the nursery while your baby is in the bed as you prefer to let it self-soothe then a split-screen baby monitor is just the thing for you.

With the split-screen monitor, you wouldn’t have to intervene. Plus, you can constantly check if the baby is sleeping or standing in the crib. 

  • Mind at ease

With your split-screen monitor set up, you can relax. The screen will help you see the front gate and the baby simultaneously so you don’t have to get up. Again, and again.

With the screen all setup you can now catch up on your sleep.

  • Keep a track on your baby’s sleep

Some babies tend to toss and turn without crying, while audio the monitor will not be able to warn you a baby monitor will have your back.

With the video monitor, you can check how much your kid slept through-out the week. Doctors recommend that babies between ages 1 to 3 years get sleep up to 12 to 14 hours.

With your split-screen monitor set and the doctor’s recommendations right here, you are now ready to track your infants' sleep pattern.

Using the monitor, you will be able to distinguish the noiseless tossing and turning during the night and you will be able to measure their sleep accurately while keeping an eye on the front gate as well.

  • Safety

Safety comes first, as mentioned above you will be able to always keep an eye even when you are away from home.

All your valuable items and things will be under the surveillance of the camera. In the case of intrusion, you will have proof for further investigation.

  • Various purposes

The entire set up of split-screen will obviously act as a security camera and a nanny camera. In case you are a working parent then these will further help your mind to stay at ease while you hard at work.

With all these amazing reasons mentioned above, we are now going to sign off. We hope that you should be getting your split-screen as soon as possible and making the most of it.

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