May 8, 2020

How to Make Product Reviews: All the Advice

Do you know how to make effective product reviews? More and more people are looking for products online that they are interested in buying. According to IAB's annual e-commerce study, 49% of users turn to blogs or forums before purchasing an article.
Now, the customer relies more on the evaluation of an expert than on the indications of the brands. For this reason, knowing how to make reviews seems essential to reach potential buyers and stand out from the competition.
Making a review isn't just about whether you liked what you're evaluating or not. You must also indicate your reasons and argue why you offer this point of view.

What can contribute to a good review?

The first step in knowing how to make reviews is learning to define the goal of the analyzes you want to carry out. The advantages that a well-made criticism can bring you are the following:
·         Increased visits. The potential customer tends to use the views he sees on Google to make the purchase. If you position your analysis well, you will significantly increase visits to your website.
·         Get more links. Product reviews can be highly "linkable". A quality review can end up on a multitude of websites that link to yours. Furthermore, this link can also be shared on specialized forums and blogs.
·         More visibility. If you are good at analyzing products and articles, over time you will be considered an expert. When you reach this state, your work will receive more attention, regardless of the quality of the product. This, of course, will have a positive impact on visits to your website.
·         Earn through affiliation. Did you know that you can get an economic return on your evaluations? Affiliate marketing involves direct traffic from the web pages to the merchant's website. If you insert an affiliate link in the post, for every sale that generates visits you will get a commission.

Essential points to make a review that convinces

Before starting to design the structure of the analysis, it is necessary to be clear on these aspects. Otherwise, your ability to attract customers will be significantly reduced:
·         Send a real experience. The user wants to know everything about the product and how the analysis process was. How is the packaging, how did you use it, its size, what do you like best, etc. You have to describe exactly each step.
·         Create your style. Very technical, fun, simple, serious and conversational mix ... define your aptitude for making reviews. It is essential that you always keep it, as changing your attitude every now and then will take away your credibility. And obviously it has to look natural, not fake.
·         Demonstrate competence: the reader or viewer must feel that they are facing criticism from a person who knows what they are talking about. If you don't feel like an expert, the reader won't trust the analysis you did.
·         Be honest in your opinions. If you don't like something, say it. Don't be afraid of what users or merchants will say next. Analyze the pros and cons of what you have in your hands. In the end, you have to say whether that item deserves to be bought or not. If someone has come to your reviews, it is precisely because they want to know your opinion.
Being too objective will not make you stand out from the competition. Keep in mind that today there are numerous websites dedicated to this activity. You will achieve success if the user trusts you and a special relationship is generated between you.

How to make reviews: essential steps

A review, like a blog article or a newspaper report, needs a structure. In this case, the approach to be developed is as follows: presentation-test-analysis.

1. - Presentation of the product

Currently, given its success on YouTube and blogs, it is more common to use the term unboxing. In the presentation you have to show the product how it arrived in your hands. We advise you to deal with the following aspects:
·         Name of the manufacturer
·         Information about shipping
·         Quality of materials to protect the package during shipping, if any.
·         How did you get it?
·         Contained in the package. That is, cables, instruction manual, other accessories...
·         Physical characteristics of the main product.
Visual material can be of great help in this part of the narrative. You can choose to record it on video, if what you want is to give it dynamism. It is advisable to acquire images of the package and complete it with infographics with additional information of interest.

2. - First impression

After the presentation of the product it is time to relate what you have felt by seeing or touching it. At this point of the analysis do not go into technical evaluations, just say what it transmits to you. You can say if you expected it to be more or less heavy, if you like its touch or if the size is ideal for you, for example.
Before going into a detailed observation, you can briefly comment on a few things about the trader. Its relevance in the market, more important articles, and recent models ... complementary information that is useful for contextualizing.
Making reviews also involves knowing how to make the most of each part of the format. Many experts separate the unboxing part and the touchdown part to expand related content. In addition, they introduce keywords that help them position them.

3. - In-depth analysis of the article

Each product is different, so there is no established script for doing this job. There are three points you need to face during a review: objectives, features and functionality. Within these sections it is possible to develop all the information that could be useful to the customer.
The best way to do a good review is to talk about things that the potential buyer wants to know. For example, if you have a cell phone in your hand, talk about the processor, camera or internal memory. In the case of a cosmetic product, its composition, consistency and colors arouse great interest.
Always try to provide the user with as much information as possible. Take photos of the product from different points of view, also enlarge the points that you consider relevant. If you opt for the video format, don't skimp on detail plans. If you analyze a software or video game, it is not a bad idea to record your impressions while using it.
Typically, these studios often have two types of viewers, experienced and inexperienced, each with their own expectations. Throughout the review try to involve both, always trying to maintain a balance in the language. Experts will appreciate multiple technical descriptions and novices a summary at the end of each section.

4. - Conclusion and final opinion

One of the key parts of making reviews is knowing how to close the criticism. To conclude a review you have to make a product evaluation and show your opinion about it. Don't forget that you have to be as impartial as possible in this chapter.
First, summarize the most characteristic points of the product and highlight its virtues. Try to show the buyer what the benefits are. If the rating is negative, specify the properties that do not recommend buying it. But above all, make recommendations on the product or on the needs that customers interested in that type of article may have.
Small comparisons should be made so that the analysis does not come down to requests and praise. Use this resource to compare features and highlight what you find convenient. Never speak ill of brands and products and, above all, do not try to generate controversy.
Finally, you have several alternatives to give your final evaluation. If you limit yourself to a certain product, you can opt for the classic method based on the scoring system. On the other hand, if your field of work is wide, you can limit yourself to recommending the purchase or not. The third option is to recommend the product to a specific audience. This is a frequent resource on websites with experienced and novice followers.

Sponsored review tips

If your website has an industry reputation, some brands may be interested in working together to promote their items. To better manage reviews of this type in a professional way you have to deal with these aspects:
·         Professionalism. All the work you are about to do must be serious. Do all the research you need to be properly informed. Ask other experts for opinions and compare them with the analyzes you have carried out.
·         Show appreciation. When a brand contacts you to analyze its product, you need to establish a good relationship. It's a job, so try to be as professional as possible with the sponsor. Likewise, thank you for the opportunity to use the product and offer it to your follower community.
Knowing how to make reviews will earn you a reputation and allow you to distance yourself from the competition. Likewise, it is also important to check the spaces where opinions are essential.

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