Jun 2, 2020

The Best Graphics Programs For Social Networks

Although we can persist in saying that the dress does not make the monk, it is also true that an image is a communication tool not only fundamental but also much more immediate than words.
It takes just two seconds for people to get the first opinion about us. How? Looking exactly at our image: clothing, movements, and attitude.

The same (and even more, if you consider the traffic that the Net enjoys today) applies to Social Networks: visual matters. Because? Because images are the first precious means by which you can attract people's attention, involve them, excite them.

That's why the images of your social profiles are a communicative aspect that not only can you not overlook but that you must also not underestimate.

And what to do if you are not an expert graphic designer or if you cannot invest in this precious professional figure? It's up to you!

Of course, the results cannot be compared to those of a professional, but somehow you can get away with it. Especially thanks to the help of graphics programs for Social Networks that proliferate today and that are easy to use, fast and immediate.

In short, the ideal solution! We had already analyzed 4 graphics programs in a previous post to take the first steps, but now I suggest the best ones or those that best adapt to create images for social networks especially if you are doing for your own brand like Tech License.

The most useful graphics programs for Social Networks

Do you need to draw attractive graphics for Social Networks but Photoshop and Illustrator are not your daily bread?
Here are some graphics programs, intuitive and simple, that you can rely on.

Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop Express Editor, the Photoshop online site is much easier to use than the parent.
Photoshop Express Editor allows you to edit your images with different opportunities, such as red-eye correction, brightness and exposure adjustment, to make it unique with special effects, to add text, objects, to apply a frame and stickers.


Canva, immediate, simple. This cloud tool allows you to select the one you prefer among the predefined layouts and to customize it according to your needs or to create your own, to add filters to images, text, icons and frames.


Sumopaint, which in some respects resembles Photoshop and which allows you to apply filters and customizations to your photos.


PicMonkey is a cloud program widely used and appreciated for its great simplicity. It allows you to quickly create customized graphics, to add text, stickers and effects and to create very nice and attractive collages.


Placeit, very useful for quickly and easily creating a mockup for your blog or website.

Google Photos

Google Photos, which allows you not only to organize and store your photos forever in the cloud but also to edit them directly from your PC or mobile device while also keeping the original.

Google Charts

Google Charts, Google's tool for creating charts, infographics and customized data representations.


Visual.ly, a program that allows you to make videos, graphics, infographics, ebooks, reports;


Recite, a really very easy and immediate web app, ideal for creating social graphics with quotes.
All you have to do is write your sentence, browse the image gallery and choose the one you like best, finally save the creation on your device or share it directly on social profiles.


Infogram, a complete web app if you want to create infographics, diagrams and maps in a few simple clicks.


Notegraphy, a very interesting application for both PC and mobile, which in a few quick steps allows you to create an image with text.

The best graphics software for social media: conclusions

And do you know other interesting graphics programs that you want to share with us? We certainly could not list them all, that's why we always leave a door open to listen to your advice.
Publish in the comments the name of the software or online tool also with some personal opinion in order to understand how you use it and how it can be useful to other users especially if not very experienced.

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