Feb 27, 2019

{ Beginners Guide } - What are the different types of web hosting services

{ Beginners Guide } - What are the different types of web hosting services

Web hosting service plays an important role after designing the website. You can take your website online with the help of web hosting service with no time. For that, you must have hunted multiple hosting providers before signing up. Before buying the web hosting service, it’s necessary to know the types of plans in the web hosting. This makes it easy to take the decision on your website.

What is Web Hosting?

Let’s take a look at what is web hosting? As I have said above that with the help of web hosting service you can take your website online globally. You as a buyer buy the space of server on rent from web hosting provider to store your website files and data. You get web hosting plans on monthly, quarterly and annual basis. If you buy a web hosting plan for a long period of time then you get a huge discount on the plan. If you are looking to host your website then look no further than MilesWeb Canada web hosting.

Types of hosting services:-

1) Shared Web Hosting

A shared hosting plan is ideal for students, startups, small and medium-sized websites or new bloggers. Further, if you have a simple static website that will receive low traffic then consider shared hosting. You will get this plan at an affordable cost because you host your website on a single server along with multiple users.  In short, one server is shared between multiple users. There is a possibility that your website may get affected because of another user, therefore, it is the responsibility of your hosting provider to monitor the server on a regular basis.

2) Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting indicates reselling the services including the profit. If you’re a web designer or developer then consider reseller hosting Canada to earn extra along with the current business. With the help of reseller hosting, you can think to start your own web hosting business. It permits you to sell different shared plans along with the separate cPanel,  which again allows you to monitor your billing, storage, RAM, etc. 

3)  VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the intermediate between shared and dedicated hosting.  In a VPS hosting environment,  multiple Virtual Servers is being developed on a single server and each of the servers acts as a unique server. 

It is less expensive as compared to dedicated hosting and you get some benefits limitations as compared to shared hosting. Here you will get have very few websites hosted on the server and each has one is allotted a separate space and resources. There multiple benefits of VPS hosting like you can host multiple websites, it gets scaled easily and deployed easily whenever required, you don’t have to wait for a longer period of time to set up the account, easy customization can be done on the server, etc. 

4) Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting is suitable for those types of websites who receive a good amount of traffic.

You buy a single server and you get the whole responsibility to manage the server. It’s unmanaged web hosting service and suitable for websites that store large data and receive heavy traffic. It is expensive among all web hosting environments and security is 100% assured in dedicated web hosting. There are many benefits of buying a dedicated web hosting, such as better response time, scalability and flexibility. 

5) Cloud Hosting

In Cloud hosting configuration of the servers is done in a flexible way to get affordability and scalability while incorporating the web infrastructure. It works with multiple servers that are connected to each other and data is transferred from multiple servers. Due to its pay per usage feature, most of the big corporates prefer this type of hosting for their business website. In the cloud, your resources get scaled automatically vertically and horizontally. Cloud is all time best option for any type of business and it only needs technical knowledge to understand the working of the server.

6) WordPress Hosting

One of the most popular types of web hosting solutions is WordPress hosting. It is ideal for bloggers, online stores, businesses, web design agencies, and digital marketers. In WordPress hosting, your website is hosted on a server that is capable of supporting a WordPress website. Here, you get two types of WordPress services that are is .org and .com. WordPress.org is beneficial for bloggers as it gives multiple benefits than WordPress.com. If you buy managed WordPress hosting then your web hosting provider is responsible to manage everything on your behalf.


I hope you must have got a clear idea about all types of hosting solutions and how they are different from each other completely. Buy any web hosting service from any web hosting provider but first compare and study the plans before signing up.

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