Jan 19, 2019

Top Video Editing Software You Should Try Now

Top Video Editing Software You Should Try Now

Videos are huge today!

According to Wyzowl, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing online.

More than 80% of businesses believe that videos provide better ROI than any other conventional marketing medium. But editing videos can be both costly and require a lot of resources.

As also videos become one of the major entertainment sources in the social media platform, so all are looking for a superior video editing software just to execute their videos in a most amazing manner. We came across with some great video ending software after a lot of research done.

They all would definitely help you to make you editing according to you successfully. You can choose your video editing software from the list given below with all the features mentioned.

Top Video Editing Software You Should Try Now

      Video show

Video show is one of the best video editing software available on the Google play store. This program is quite simple to access and having basic editing features in it.
       Add music
       Arrange videos

 You can even add text to your videos and also the effects just to make your videos more attractive and appealing to the people. It’s would be best to do videos like birthday wishes, memories on Instagram, Facebook.

      Viva video

It’s a free video editor, easily available in the google play store and this program works well on making small videos for the social media. They are having amazing features like editing and adding is very easy to do with your video.

       It has more than two hundred editing effects and various filters.
       Slow motion

But the drawback of this software that having a time limit and for more features, in this program, you need to upgrade to pro version. Viva video gives you an option to add photos around 20 in your videos and also c Add a certain test to make it more pleasing to whom so ever you are making for.

      Power Director video editor App

The power director video editor app having all features assembled in this program. It’s having various features such as pre-built effect, collage maker and easy to work and having a classic timeline editor method.

As you need to pay extra money just to get more advanced features in your software. Somehow it provides you with all the features so that you can easily make your video editing successful.

But it provides you with all the updated features came with them and it’s one of the best programs I have till now came across with. So definitely try this video editing in your mobile phones as its very convenient to do so.

      Filmora Go

Its totally a free video editor software for your mobile that provides you with a mole of features like crop, adding different pictures, trimming. It also provides you with the function to play it to reverse and can also make square videos.

They have added certain few features to it


 So you can easily execute your video editing successfully with these amazing
 Features. Even they provide you a demo that how to use this software because sometimes it’s difficult to understand all the effects of this software

It’s completely free to download and provides you with the Basic features as you can add up photos up to 50 and convert them in a small video with various effects and music being added on it.

 In today's time people with intense and better video editor program which all are available. As you can also add certain emojis, test to your videos so that it looks more amazing and attracting video.

As you need to choose wisely by reading out all the features given by this software because it’s all about your video that a complete source of entertainment to this amazing and beautiful world.

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