Feb 25, 2018

How to Get Your AdSense Account Approved For Blogspot.Com

How to Get Your AdSense Account Approved For Blogspot.Com

We all know that AdSense contextual ads are best-paying Ad program for Bloggers. However, I have already shared my tutorial on How to get started: but the question still exists: How to get AdSense account approval for BlogSpot bloggers, getting an AdSense approval is not that easy as you think.

Google AdSense! Is One of the coolest, trusted and professional way of earning money by showing your passion towards writing and sharing the knowledge. Google AdSense is trusted by many advertisers and publishers from the past few years, and usually, they never accept anyone randomly who is trying to apply for an account. You need to show them the most professional approach to getting your account accepted, else Google will simply throw your application aside.

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People still say “I have a good looking Blog but still Google disapproved my application”. Maybe, this is the reason why you are reading this post. Getting rejected by Adsense is annoying. After a few rejections, many new bloggers get this idea in their head that they won’t get Adsense approval ever. If you are one of them, stop thinking like that. And you are in the right place. In this post, I will be sharing some tips and tricks on getting Adsense approval with BlogSpot. Most of these tips will be helpful mainly for Bloggers. I hope you’ll get approved for Adsense after reading this post. So keep reading…

Getting Approval of Google AdSense with a New Blog is Now Really Easy” if you follow some elementary rules from the starting of your blog. When I first tried, I failed to get approval my application was rejected 22 times. But, following these rules, now I have an approved AdSense account which I still used it on this blog.

Doesn't Everyone Get Approved?

To be honest, it’s dreadful to hear how many people get declined from Google Adsense when they apply. I've received many emails from readers saying that their applications were declined. Some people say it’s because they are using blogspot.com which is not true, I also face this difficulty of getting approved with Google some days back but later I got approve using blogspot.com is not the major problem but the problem lies somewhere else which I am going to explain in this post.  

First Make Your Blog Ready Before Applying for Adsense:

Adsense moderators are human beings like you and the permanently approved those blogs that have met the requirements. First of all, you should make your blog ready for this process. you have to Check if your blog considers these requirements. Now, there are some preliminary basic requirements announced by AdSense team, and there are some known hacks and tricks that work. For example, on their official website it’s mentioned that for countries like China, Nigeria, Ghana & India, publishers need to own the site for minimum 6 months, which is not a thumb-rule. Many bloggers have got approved with a one-month-old blog or less than that. There is a simple trick which you can use to get your AdSense account approved for BlogSpot domain quickly. If your BlogSpot account has a sufficient number of post (minimum 20+) then it’s easy to get your AdSense account approved.

7 Things to Do to Get Approved by Adsense

Google doesn’t reveal any hints on what basis they approve a new account. All you can do is to maintain some standards before applying for Adsense. You can also consider the following tips as Google Adsense Approval Checklist.

==> Minimum Posts/Articles

Make sure your blog has at least 30 pure quality articles which are not copied from anywhere else. You have to create fresh and unique contents before applying for Adsense. Adsense doesn’t require huge contents, but quality contents. Some bloggers got Adsense account with only 20-30 posts, while some didn’t get approval for more than 100 posts. So quality contents matter a lot. Quality contents are those which are well-developed and researched, free from copyrighted things and illegal download links, not copied from others, user-friendly and detailed. So try to publish some quality content. Remember, Quality content is always king. Adsense Prohibited Content: Copyrighted contents, Adult content, Hacking & Cracking related contents, Gambling/Casino/Alcohol-related contents and all illegal contents. And Your content on the articles should be tremendously rich and make sure you use relevant images where ever required. Try to include two lengthy articles of 2000 words each, which should be absolutely stunning while anyone reads them on your Blog.

==> Good Design & Easy Navigation

You may have good contents on your site. But it doesn’t guarantee Adsense approval unless you’ve good design and easy navigation on your site make sure to add a blogroll, popular post etc. I also suggest you get a premium theme for your blog doesn’t use the free theme but If your budget is low, you can grab a good looking theme from My Theme Shop. You can also read Full Guide on How to Add Blogger Template to Your Blog. So make sure that your site has a professional looking design with a good navigation. And don’t forget to Create a Logo for Your Blog.

==> Submit Site on Search Engines

Whenever you launch a site, you always need people to discover your site easily. Search Engines are the best place where people you find your site easily. All you need to do is submit your sitemap to search engines. And also make sure that Google has indexed your site’s pages. Type site:yourdomain.blogspot.com in Google Search and check whether Google indexes your site or not. Sometimes Google takes one week or more to index your site. If you’ve some relevant backlinks, your pages will be indexed fast. Interlinking blog posts also helps Search Engine Bots to index your pages. You can also Read Full Guide on how to Submit your blog to Google Search Engine.

==> Connect Your Site with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Analytics and Webmaster tools are two awesome tools from Google. Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about your site. And Webmaster tools provides a detailed report on site’s pages’ visibility on Google. These two tools help you improve your site performance that increase the chance of getting Adsense account. You can also Read full Guide on how to Add Google Analytics in your Blogger.

==> Remove Other Networks Ads

It’s not a bad idea to try some Adsense Alternatives like Yllix, Revenuehits, Propellerads when you don’t have an Adsense account yet. But remove those Ads before applying for Adsense. Though Google allows you to use another Ad Networks with Adsense, it creates a bad impression to the Adsense team if your site is filled with other networks’ ads.

==> Create Important Pages

There are some pages that provide the better user experience. Google always focuses on better user experience. Most of the new bloggers don’t create these pages. Having these pages creates a good impression to the Adsense team. To create the following pages before applying for Adsense I provide a Full Guide on How to Add those Pages in Blogger.

1.    Privacy Policy
2.    Disclaimer Policy
3.    Terms of Usage
4.    Contact Us
5.    About Us (Write your name and address through which you applied the AdSense account)
==> Adding Robots.txt

Creating Robots.txt file on your blog will get rid of indexing unwanted junk onto Google. I have written a detailed post some days back on How to Add Robots.txt in Blogger. I have restricted all the unwanted data indexation to search engines, which adds a lot of value to your SEO efforts of ranking the pages higher on Google. Plus, the robots.txt file is another great feature to add it your website as a trust factor.

==> Visitors Are Not a Factor for Approval Yet

For getting Adsense approved, visitors, are not a factor. Because you will get approved depending on your blog quality. It is sure that the Adsense moderator will never check for visitor count. So, don’t worry about visitors. But, for generating revenues, you must have enough visitors.

Other Things to Consider

If you're more the one site, then consider applying to the best site. Your content should be written in English or other Adsense supported languages. Give your actual information while applying for Adsense account. And keep in mind Your age must be 18 years or above to participate in Adsense Program. Avoid Paid Traffic. (Adsense doesn’t require a lot of traffic) Don’t use a copyrighted image, Use Images with Credits.

Once your site is compatible with all the above facts, then apply for Adsense Account. The approval process takes 24 to 48 hours now sometimes more than that. Once you’ve got Adsense account, you can use Adsense ads on others site owned by you. That’s why you might have noticed that some low-quality sites contain Adsense Ads. But that is not a good idea, always ensure that your site is compatible with Adsense policy before adding Ads. 

Adsense may ban your account if they find something wrong on your site. Do let us know if you’ve any other tricks to get approved by Adsense. If you find this post useful, then don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Whatsapp Twitter, and Google+.

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