Feb 24, 2018

11 Websites That provide FREE Website Hosting for Lifetime in 2019

11 Websites That provide FREE Website Hosting for Lifetime in 2018

 Hey, Welcome to Guide Tricks today in this post I am going to show you the best eleventh (11) free hosting providers that give free hosting for a lifetime they don’t ask for PayPal account, credit card or any financial information and the work perfectly. A lot of people still worry about how to get their website online because they can’t be able to buy the premium hosting that’s why today I decide to show you the actual best free hosting providers for a lifetime with zero investment you don’t need to worry about paying something anymore.

Actually they are a lot of hosting providers that pretend that they provide free unlimited hosting but when you start to move your site to online you will eventually come across to a lot of problems or when the work normally after some time the change their behavior, all these sites that I would list in this post work normally I even try others among them.

If you are interested to start a personal blog, I suggest you use either wordpress.com or blogger.com I provide a full guide on how to get started with blogger and I also provide a tutorial for beginners to wordpress.com, You can also get my free eBook guide here. so let get started

==> Infinity Free: this is my favorite site I use it in hosting of many websites I have been using infinity free for almost three (3) years now and they have never fail me, infinity free allows you to host almost 10 websites in one profile and when you sign up the give unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited Disk Space, and Unlimited Database and up till date Infinity free has never asked me for any financial information.  Sign Up To Infinity Free.

==> HOSTINGER: is one of the best hosting site that I ever saw it is very strong, faster and very easy to use Hostinger allows you to host your website but they have some settle limits and the limits are when you sign up you have 2000 Mb disk space, 100 Bandwidth but their hosting have no advertisement. Sign Up to Hostinger.

==> ATSPACE: Atspace also allows the user to host their website online with very simple and easiest method the best thing with atspace is when you signup you have unlimited traffic, free email sending, 2000 Mb storage. Sign Up to Atspace.  

==> 2 free Hosting: this site helps a lot of people to host their site online without paying any single amount, 2 free hosting have almost 595 000 + websites hosted on their servers when you sign up you have 20 GB Disk Storage, 150 Gb Bandwidth, and they don’t advertise on your site and also no hiding payment Sign Up to 2 Free Hosting.

==> Free Hosting: this also another free hosting provider that allows you to move your website online free hosting do the same thing like the other providers but they also have some settle limits when you sign up to free hosting you will get unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth and the also don’t advertise anything in peoples site. Sign Up for Free Hosting.     

==> ZOHO: this is a site that provides free hosting and they also provide free domain to the website so with ZOHO you don’t need to worry about domain anymore although there are some websites like freenoom that provide free domain so also ZOHO the give both free domain and free hosting. The best thing with ZOHO is; the give anything unlimited both Disk Space, Bandwidth and the don’t ask for any financial information no critical thing for signup. SignUp with ZOHO.

==> 5Gb Free: the best free hosting site it gives you 5Gb hosting space for your website no any payment requires. Sign Up to 5GB Free.

==> 000Webhost: this is one of my best free hosting site after infinity free because 000webhost is so fast than you think they have millions of websites hosted on their servers 000Webhost also have some limits it only allows you to host 2 websites and with that 2 websites you have only 10 Gb of bandwidth, 10 Gb of Space Disk and they don’t advertise in peoples websites. SignUp to 000WebHost.

==> Byte: this is another hosting provider that allows you to make your site active on the internet by signing up to byte you will have 10 Gb of bandwidth, 10 Gb of Space Disk and you don’t need to worry about advertisement because they don’t do it. Sign Up to Byte.

==> X10Hosting: this site also plays an important role on the internet by helping people to host their site for free in their servers x10hosting have been existing for so many years it is very fast and easy to sign up. Sign Up to X10 Hosting.

==> Pro free Host: this site also works like infinity free it allows you to host your website with zero investment they don’t ask for credit card or any financial information when you sign up you have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited Disk Space, and Unlimited Database.  Sign Up To Pro Free Host.

I would be Very happy to hear about other free Hosting providers that you are using & is helping you. Do share another free hosting you are using in the comment section below.

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