Apr 27, 2017

Top 5 Free Blogging Platform Other Than WordPress and Blogger

hy!welcome to guide tricks tutorial today i am going to list some other Top Free Blogging Platform Other Than WordPress and Blogger, We all know that Blogger and WordPress are the most popular Blogging platform. These provides us very easy and comfortable tools and features to make our blogging much easy. But, There are some other blogging platform also which also provide us maximum support to do blog. If you are searching for the best alternatives of Blogger and WordPress to start your blogging career then the article is for you. Here I am publishing the best 5 other blogging platform to start your blogging career :

  1. Tumlbr Tumblr ,also called Tumble blog is the widely used blogging platform. To start blogging, its a nice choice. Tumblr is best known for it’s photo-blogging and it is basically divided in 2 parts : one is blogging and other is community. Community in Tumblr includes likes, follows, re-blog and comment. If you like a post, you can simply click on the ‘heart’ symbol at the top-right corner and if you do re-blog of any blog post, it will be posted to your Tumblr as well. 2. Posterous Posterous also lets you to do blogging for free. You can choose your own theme, color, design and start your blogging. Posterous lets you to post text, photo, videos and even sound clips. Posterous also lets you to do blogging for free. You can choose your own theme, color, design and start your blogging. Posterous lets you to post text, photo, videos and even sound clips. 3. Twitter Twitter is a “micro-blogging” platform. However, it only allows you put a 140 characters tweet but you can use a numerous services to compose long tweets. You can easily become a celebrity here with a lot of followers. They are always available to make benefit of you. Depends on, how you use the quality of this quantity. 😉 4. Xanga It is one of the oldest blogging platform. Xanga is probably much easy to use for personal blogging. It allows you to do blog and get them, categorized in their website. However, Xanga is very popular but now-a-days, many other sites are competing it but Xanga is still a place to get lots of young crowd. 5. Weebly I still remembered, I started my blogging career with Weebly. The site lets you to make your own separate website on free TLDs like .tk etc however, those are still sub-domains of weebly and you can also visit them from yourblog.weebly.com. The best thing about weebly is it’s easy customization. Even a net internet visitor can make a blog here by their step-by-step instruction. Which Blogging Platform Should You Opt ? Now, the main question might be arising on your mind that which blogging platform should you use to start your blogging career. The all above mentioned blogging platform are most popular sites but if you want to do serious blogging then I suggest you to be professional. Register your own domain, setup hosting and start blogging with WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla etc.

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 However, if you are just a newbie and wanted to learn blogging then you can consider using these platform. These blogging platforms are having community so you will get extra traffic and extra benefit of it.
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