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An easy trick on how to fixed Annoying Android smartphone internal storage running out notification

An easy trick on how to fixed Annoying Android smartphone internal storage running out notification

An easy trick on how to fixed Annoying Android smartphone internal storage running out notification

Android smartphone is the most popular operating system use all over the world. Nowadays it is very hard to check out a group of people without finding someone using it. Smartphones enable us to perform a different type of task those include browsing, discussing, communicating or making a research and other kinds of stuff.    

A lot of people worry about the annoying pop up notification their smartphone sometime usually makes which is internal storage running out after using it for a long period of time, this notification disallows you to perform a single task in your smartphone, due to this problem many people decided to stop using their mobile phone, keep on restoring to default setting time to time or in some cases they decide to sell it out.     

This notification doesn’t pop up because you are overusing your smartphone or you are not working with it in a proper way but this happens due to lack of space in your device in build memory for other tasks to perform and it's due to the installation of a heavy application or saving big files and documents.

Majority of people prefer to download and install newly developed apps on their smart Android devices directly. These new apps include games, textbook app or chatting app. Most of the Android users download and install apps direct from Google Play Store for commercial or personal use.

There are lots of excellent apps developed by different professionals out there and they are available everywhere on the internet. But a lot of problems and challenges comes after installing some of the applications those include consuming of battery, making a smartphone to slows down, reduce the life of the smartphone and even make the phone to overheat. Those are some major problems those applications cause so always install a trusted application in your smartphone. In my previous post, I have discussed on 14 amazing tips to make your smartphone live a longer life you can check it out.

To fix this annoying notification there are only three options provided and one or two must be done;

==> Uninstall unnecessary application in your smartphone; Your smartphone is not a dictionary or a market square that everything has to be found there so, don’t deceive yourself by adding everything that seen interested to you or others, you may end up facing a huge problem at least try to make your smartphone look professionally; install the needed/useful application and leave the rest. To uninstall un-useful application Go to>> Settings >> All settings>> Apps>> Choose the application you want to uninstall and hit up the Uninstall button which is located at the top left or right-hand side of your screen >> then click Ok. Uninstall three to four application and restart your smartphone after that wait for about 10-15 minutes the annoying message will definitely disappear, in some cases, it feels to disappear uninstall 2 or 3 applications again and wait for about 10 minutes the changes will definitely take effect.

==> Free Some Space in your Device Memory: This is the second option to fixed the annoying notification, Images, videos, audio, and documents consume a lot of space in any device, if you are working with a smartphone you are always recommended to insert an external SD card for storing of those documents and files. don’t always keep your document and files in the device in build memory by doing so it takes some space which won’t allow some other application to perform some of their activities. And if you already have them in the device inbuild memory kindly transfer them to SD card to free some space.

==> Change Application Storage: Normally the default installation storage medium is the device in build memory so when you are installing a new application in your smartphone it normally stays in the OS inbuilt memory of the smartphone which consumes the available space for the other application to run, so when there is no space available the phone has no option than to stop working that’s why ones your smartphone start displaying the annoying message some applications stop working immediately.

To change application storage to SD card simply Go to Settings >>> All Settings >>> Apps >>> choose the application you want to change its default storage >>> Click Move to SD >>> you are done. Change three to four application storage to SD card and restart your smartphone after that wait for about 10-15 minutes the annoying message will definitely disappear, in some cases, it fails to disappear change 2 or 3 application again and wait for about 10 minutes the changes will eventually take effect.

But keep in mind this feature is not available in version 6,7 and 8 so, if you are using one of those versions kindly inform you have no other option than to uninstall some install applications or delete some heavy stored files and document in your device Inbuild memory.         

Most of the problems come alone because users don’t border to read out the manual instructions attach after buying a new smartphone. So, it is highly recommended to always read and check out the manual instructions before operating any type of device.  

I hope you found this post very helpful kindly show your appreciation by dropping down a comment in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this post with lovely ones.

Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in website for free

Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in website for free

Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in a website for free

Hy Welcome to Guide Tricks today in this post I am going to explain the best way to add live chat system in your website for a free life time. If you are a developer then you can easily add a chat feature to your website by designing a simple program. There are also many tutorials available online guiding on how to use that technology. I recommend you to use PHP + MySQL for the development of chat-based applications as there are more flexible, faster and easier.

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If you don’t have any knowledge of programming You don’t need to worry yourself or hiring a programmer to do it for you, there are a lot of other third-party platforms to include chat feature for your website. I recommend using tawk as it is free and easy to use.

Adding chat application to your website allows you to communicate with your customers and client and also gather information from your visitors on how to improve your service. It can also serve as a medium for providing a solution to problems. There many platforms out there that allow you to integrate chat system base for your website but mostly they come in the different package means you need to purchase license annually or monthly it depends on your wish and they are very easy to install and operate.

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Also, there are other platforms that provide free 7 days trial or free for a life time but in today's post, I will be considering the most perfect one that I have been using for a long time which is Tawk.  

About Tawk is one of the most widely used chat application online, with over 1.5+ Billion visitors interacting with a widget each and every month. The app lets users monitor and chat with visitors on their website or from a free customizable page used by millions of business users, they provide a unique opportunity to become part of a proven and very successful team, which delivers one of the greatest messaging software solutions available on the web.

What's unique about

Every day they get to build an array of awesome systems at scale, including search, concurrency, content organization, real-time metrics, deployment, and event-driven, low-latency, concurrent apps. Their current systems are mostly built on Node.js. The focus on fast, iterative development (over 200+ deployments just last month), and collaborative, interactive programming. Developers work within small cross-functional teams of a 3-6 crew that rely on one-another to champion their project goals and in setting their own priorities are expected to build and deploy applications quickly and iteratively.

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Some features of Tawk include;


==> Tawk makes it easy to deliver personalized and Real-time customer service.

==> Monitor traffic on your website

==> Proactively initiate a chat with your website visitor and app users


How to Sign up and add chat system for website

* First you need to visit the tawk website and signup.
Simple Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in website for free

* Provide your Full name, email address and choose your unique password and click on the sign-up button
Simple Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in website for free

* Tawk system will automatically send you a mail to confirm if you are the owner of the mail, and before you log in to your dashboard you must verify the mail send to you so just log in to your mail check your inbox or spam box and click on the verify link to make your account active.

Simple Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in website for free

* Next you need to choose your preferred language by clicking on the flag icons provided
Simple Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in website for free

* Next Add your site title or name and also fill out your site URL and click on the next button
Simple Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in website for free

* Next If you have any other team members that will be used as agents for the site you can easily add their email address or you skip it and fill it out later
Simple Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in website for free

*The Next page in the installation of code now you need to copy those codes and paste them in your website body or widget before it starts working.
Simple Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in website for free
Simple Step by Step Guide on how to Add live chat system in website for free

* Once you have paste and save the code in your website click on done and you will automatically redirect to your dashboard now refresh your site and you will find it visible. If you have found it there you have successfully made it and you are done but, in a circumstance, you didn’t find it there please kindly checked out where you have pasted the code.  

Note: If you are using WordPress you can easily install tawk plugin and enter your require details.  

Let me know in the comment section below if you need any assistant in the installation of tawk chat system for a website.  

Internet Tutorials Are The Teachers Of The Future

I know some people don’t even believe that the Internet or World Wide Web exists. They think that it is an abstract concept and that if asked to show it to someone they would fail miserably. Well, whether it exists or not I think that the collective realization of humanity is evolving every day because of the sharing of ideas on the strange boxes called computers and the electronic network that connects them.

Internet Tutorials Are The Teachers Of The Future

Every time I go on the Internet these days I am surprised by some new function that it has for our lives. My most recent discovery has been on-line tutorials. Tutorials are websites that have been created to help novices and amateurs alike learn more in their areas of specific interest. Just about any aspect of life seems to have tutorial sites dedicated to it that will teach you what you want to know. Of course, some knowledge can cost you money but you’d be pleasantly surprised to see how much information you can get for free.

For example, I am interested in learning about how to be a successful webmaster. You should see how many sites are out there, just look up Website Design or Website Solution tutorials on your search engine (E.g.: Google). There are all sorts of great help from how to create a blog, how to build a relationship, how to make money online. There are often diagrams, photographs, and intensive explanations relating to everything you ever wanted to know. Some sites have video and audio to help drive the lessons home. Life really has changed.

In the past, you had to get lessons from a teacher, either at their house or school, pay high tuition fees, and buy books. But now Everything is downloadable these days, and a lot of it is free. Web designers could also probably learn a few things from these Website design tutorial sites. It is an extremely thorough way of teaching without ever having to meet anyone in person. 

However, a strange wonder is the fact that if the site is good, the visitor does feel a connection to the personality of the creator. Making the site individual is a major factor in both achieving success and touching a personal chord (no pun intended) with people. Many of the sites have means in which you can get direct contact with the site owner thus creating an opportunity for real personal interaction. Check out some of my favorite sites:

Get connected to the teachers of the future. Find a tutorial that helps you to follow your dreams.

Major Reasons Why You're Wasting Money and Time on Advertising If You Don’t Have A Blog

Major Reasons Why You're Wasting Money and Time on Advertising If You Don’t Have A Blog

Did you really know you are giving away money and time on advertising if you are not publishing a blog? Nowadays blogs have become very popular for diverse reasons. For internet home-based business entrepreneurs, blogging represents a great opportunity for increasing their internet marketing effectiveness and presence. You should really consider starting a blog to accompaniment your advertising efforts.

 Here are 3 major reasons why you should stop leaving money on the table and start blogging instead:

==> It's the quickest way to build a website
==> Blogging expands your marketing reach dramatically
==> You can increase delivery rates for your newsletter

* Establishing your web presence in minutes and slowly but surely building an empire: Publishing a blog is the easiest, quickest way to establish an online presence. You don't even need your own website to publish a blog (although it's recommended that you host it there for SEO reasons). You can have your own blog up and running in as little as 5 minutes, using third party services such as Blogger ( you can read full guide on how to get started with blogger.

As far as search engines are concerned, blogs are full-blown websites. And they love them because of the regularly updated, fresh content they often present. As time goes by and your posts become to accumulate, your "website" grows too, without any effort, linking, or HTML knowledge required from your part. Soon your blog becomes your little "empire" of content-rich, interlinked web pages, which search engines keep visiting, crawling and indexing like crazy, often at various times during the day.

* Easily and effortlessly expanding your marketing reach: Here's a surefire way to spread your advertisement across the web. Once you have your blog running, you can easily syndicate your content using RSS feeds. You can submit your blog and RSS feed URLs to blog and RSS directories, which are proven means to increase your online presence beside normal website directories. Even better, if your content is good, other webmasters might begin syndicating your blog posts, giving you effortless free advertising! And your posts can now be delivered instantly right to your readers' desktops if they are subscribing via an RSS reader.

As with any new technologies, you should study the potential you are missing by not publishing a blog and compare it to the extra work blogging would mean for you. Personally, I think the benefits clearly outweigh the extra work involved, and I strongly encourage you to start blogging right now. Blogging is easy, even fun, and it doesn't take much time either.

If you are not much of a writer, just try to blog something, anything, when you feel like it. When you become consistent with your blogging, you will soon realize why it's so important for internet marketers.


    Top Major Reasons Why You Should Always Backup Your Blog

    Top Major Reasons Why You Should Always Backup Your Blog

    Are you one of those bloggers who does not back up their blogs from time to time? This might be of a great risk, because, losing your blog and all its content can be shocking and it can simply be done within some few minutes. It can even discourage you from volunteering into blogging anymore. So, it is, therefore, necessary to back up your blog content time to time.

    There are many reasons why you should always backup your blog content but today here at Guide Tricks I will list and explain the most important ones among them so let’s check them out;

    ==> Free Blogging Platform

    If you are using a free blogging platform like Wix, or Blogger one day the might simply decide to delete or disable your blog without your prior notice due to a violation of their terms and condition or disclaimer. So, always backup your blog content time to time to avoid any destruction in future.

    ==> Security Attacks

    By the time your blog begins to get popular, your site became like a chocolate to hackers the will always target your blog and try to gain forceful access into it. This could be dangerous as you don’t know what the next move or loop hole is they just discovered. It is, therefore, necessary you install a Backup plugin to your WordPress blogs such as the Backup Buddy which helps to send you your blog backup daily to your email address or send it to another server, and this way it’s taken care of every day without you having to do anything extra works.

    ==> Virus Attack on Your Web Space

    You might come across a lot of malwares and virus in your web host from PHP scripts or other web applications you installed into your web hosting server. Some of such Virus can be as poisonous as deleting your blog and all its content in a short minute. If you tend to notice viral attacks on your blog, it is advisable you contact your web host to run a scan on your account.

    ==> Webhost Server Issues

    Visualize something happening to your Web Hosting company and they do not have any backup to any single file on your blog, this is just a way of losing your whole efforts over the years in a single second. This applies to self-hosted blogs such as those using the so always back up your blog content for future use.

    ==> Free hosting Providers

    This is almost similar to free blogging platform so when you choose free hosting for your blog or website one day you will weak up without your blog than to discuss the content, if possible if you want to host your website always use premium hosting than free ones because its disadvantages it more than its advantages in some cases you can’t afford paying the premium one tries always to back up your content.

    Now you see some various reasons why you need to make a backup of your blog time to time Losing your whole blog in a day without a backup can be an awful incident. Make it a habit to back up your blog for at least once a day. I hope you find this article helpful show your appreciation by dropping your comment in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this post with your lovely ones.

    Is Blogging Necessary to Your Internet Business?

    Is Blogging Necessary to Your Internet Business?

    Almost five (5) years ago - We used to keep in touch with your clients using phone calls, email messages, and face to face meetings. Today the world has transformed. Customers require even more frequent updates, yet it's almost unreasonable to meet with every business contact on a routine basis.

    Thankfully, Blogging has appeared to the salvation. Setting up a Blog on your website - and having a comparable RSS feed - means you will be able to keep in frequent touch with your customers and possible clients. Moreover, you don't have to contact them and they can get your most recent news without having to visit your website every time.

    Consequently, how does this all work? A Blog is really a decorative name for a web page that gets updated continually. It's nothing special. There are several methods regarding writing 'Blogs', however, they are nothing more than computer programs which allow you to easily update a web page. Far and away the simplest way to set up a Blog is with a website-titled However, for keeping in touch with your customers, RSS is the key. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. What this means is that your Blog is able to be automatically delivered to customers who want to read it - you don't need to send it to them and neither do they have to come and pick it up. All they need is the address of your RSS Feed and their RSS Newsreader can do the assignment for them. There are many RSS readers available and new web browsers combine the capacity to read RSS feeds and keep them updated.

    Any time you add new content to your Blog, the RSS Feed automatically gets updated in everyone's Reader program or web browser. Which means you are guaranteed to stay in contact with customers and prospects. You don't have to do anything other than show the content. Likewise, you don't face the problems of email filters and anti-Spam programs blocking your email. However, people tend to read RSS Feeds because they have subscribed to them whereas they tend to ignore non-urgent emails.

    At the same time, you can recognize, there are certain advantages to Blogs and RSS Feeds. But it doesn't stop there. Search engines love them. That's because Blogs supply fresh and new content - Exactly what searchers are looking for. Consequently, the search engines are actively driving Blogs higher up the search engine ranking. This means if you don't have a Blog for your business, you are severely shortening your chances of a high search engine ranking.

    You need a Blog nowadays to get noticed by the search engines. Hence, Blogging is required. Not only does it help improve your web presence; it also means you can keep in contact with customers and prospects more efficiently. And all the marketing research you can find will inform you that keeping in normal touch with your customers is a significant part of gaining additional business. So, get ready to Blog!

    How To Get A Site Online And Have It Making Money

    How To Get A Site Online And Have It Making Money

    When building and getting a site online you have to think of a number of things. Some of these include the following:

    1.        What is your site going to be about?

    If you want to get a site online to make money then you need to do some good valuable research before you choose what your site is going to be about that’s niche. This is because there is no point in you choosing a topic for your site where other people have no interest in. If no one has any interest in the topic of your site then you will find it very had to get a good number of visitors to your site. Therefore, the best thing to do is to select a topic that is likely to interest a large number of people and is also likely to make you some good revenue online.

    2.        What web hosting provider are you going to choose to host your site with

    Choosing the right Web hosting provider is very important when choosing it to host your site. This is because there is no point in choosing a Web hosting provider that is probable to be unreliable just because it is cheap or just because you don’t know enough about it.

    3.      How can you add more content to your site?

    Once you have your site up and running, you will then need to think of ways of making your site bigger and also updating your sites content on a regular basis so that your visitors don’t get bored of your site and so that they will have a reason to keep visiting your site on a regular basis. Some ways of adding content to your site could include the following: You could add some free reprintable articles to your site that is on the same topic as your site. You can find well over 800 reprintable articles at You could add some free to play games on your site so it becomes stickier. You can find a load at You could add a forum to your site so people can keep informed of current events and updates on your site and also chat amongst each other. You can find some good forum scripts at where some of these are free with the GPL.

    4.    How are you going to earn from your site?

    Once you have built your site and have found a good web host to host your site with, you will then need to think about how you are going to earn from your site.

    If you are selling your own products or offering your own services, you may also want to add a few affiliate programs to your site so that you can produce a little extra income from these programs as well as earning the money from selling your own products or offering your own services. These include Google AdSense and other affiliate networks, Here is my previous post that I have discussed the 8 best ad networks for new bloggers with fast approval, These include pay per click programs, pay per lead programs, two-tiered programs, pay per impression programs, residual income programs and more.

    5.    How are you going to promote your site to get visitors?

    Now that you have your site up and running with maybe a few affiliate programs included within your site's content, you will now need to promote your site so that you can start getting noticed on the Web. The article 5 effective techniques to boost your organic traffic, gives you some of the best ways of getting visitors to your site. Once you have done the above five things, you should now have your own site online. The number of visitors that your site will receive and the amount of money you will make from your site will all depend on the amount of work and effort you put into your site. The more work you do with your site, the more money you are likely to make.

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