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4 Prominent Male Programmers Whose Contributions Are Extremely Significant

4 Prominent Male Programmers Whose Contributions Are Extremely Significant

Programming is a very challenging thing to do. Most likely, it is not for people who are not patient enough to take on the same tasks several times just to figure out how something would work best or why it isn't exactly what it is. Although there are also females who ventured and became successful in the field of programming, most of those who take this field are males. There are at least four male programmers who have actually changed how the online world runs with their excellent contribution.

1. Bill Gates

American businessman, inventor, and computer programmer Bill Gates is one of those who are behind the world's largest PC software company, the Microsoft. He had the largest shares in the company until 2014 and he was also the CEO and chief software architect of the company during his time. Aside from being one of the men behind Microsoft, this American programmer who was born in Seattle, Washington in the United States is also an author.

2. Paul Allen

The other male programmer who was also behind the success of Microsoft is Paul Allen, Bill Gates' co-founder. He also came from Seattle, Washington like Gates. He is also the founder of Vulcan Inc. It is the company that manages his business.

Allen is not just on the programming field. He also has his own sports teams - the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association and the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

Who does not have a Facebook account? Surely, a big part of the population all over the world has. The man behind the online platform that has made communication despite the distance possible is American computer programmer Mark Zuckerberg. 

He was born in White Plains in New York. Together with his fellow students in Harvard University and his roommates, their perseverance and wit have given birth to Facebook, one of the most prominent and widely used social media platforms now.

4. Steve Wozniak

American computer programmer and electronics engineer Stephen Gary "Steve" Wozniak founded Apple with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. He was the man behind the Apple I and the Apple II computers which he worked on in the 1970s. Just like the other great programmers, he was also born in the United States - in San Jose, California specifically.

8 Highest-Paying Programming Languages in 2018

8 Highest-Paying Programming Languages in 2018

When you will look online about the current programming dialects that you can take in, an extensive rundown will be given to you. No doubt, you will truly experience serious difficulties figuring which one to consider for learning. There are highlights you will like about a programming dialect and additionally includes you would wish is available in that dialect. In the meantime, on the down to earth side, on the off chance that you wish to find out about the programming dialects that won't just help you in sharpening your aptitudes in the PC field yet influence you to gain great, you simply landed impeccably on the appropriate responses.

In view of Livity, Stack Overflow has addressed in excess of 100,000 engineers from 183 nations around the globe in January 2018. The meeting and overview prompted eight programming dialects being hailed as the most noteworthy paying in the field. Here are they:

8. Kotlin

JetBrains' Kotlin which is normally used by designers for its full similarity with Java, straightforward linguistic structure, and its Google bolster is the official dialect for Android. In light of the article, quite possibly Android applications, later on, will be only composed utilizing this programming dialect.

7. Swift

The all-inclusive programming dialect for Apple items, Swift, is additionally one of those that can enable you to profit. This programming dialect which gloats its speed on working with the undertaking and application propelling is the principle dialect for creating applications for tvOS, iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

6. Java

Referring to the Github Team, Java is purportedly one of those that isn't just popular among the engineers yet and in addition managers. This cross-stage programming dialect is used in making items in the saving money field.

5. Python

A standout amongst the most unmistakable programming dialects, the Python, is additionally one of the most astounding paying in the field. Usually used in information investigation, assignment mechanization, numerical figuring, and web improvement. As indicated in the article, it is the dialect behind Google, Youtube, Reddit, and Dropbox.

4. C#

One of the unmistakable programming dialects that are exceptionally known to engineers, the C# programming dialect is ideal for the individuals who wish to figure out how to make local applications under the Microsoft. This dialect is likewise known in different applications improvement.

3. Objective-C

Another most elevated paying programming dialect is the Objective-C. It is helpful in creating applications in the environment of Apple. It has an association with the innovation mammoth which gives designers more work openings.

2. Ruby (on Rails)

The Ruby programming dialect is conspicuous as far as building up a web application. As per the article, it is additionally very known in the territory of program improvement due to its ability to make straightforward and clear projects with a short advancement time.

1. Go

Google's Go programming dialect which was presented in 2009 topped the rundown. This open-source stage is regularly used in mammoth administrations like the Dropbox, the SoundCloud, and the Netflix.

Egret Technology Joins HTML5, Blockchain In "Egretia"

Egret Technology Joins HTML5, Blockchain In "Egretia"

Egret Technology, a Beijing-based innovation-driven web organization, has obviously made a name in the HTML5 people group. A large number of engineers are profiting from the HTML5 improvement apparatuses that the organization has made. It has additionally created bundling instruments, an incorporated advancement condition (IDE), and also a motor.

As of late, another move by Egret that numerous engineers would without a doubt need to find out about has crossed the surface. It is consolidating HTML5 with another helpful present-day innovation, the blockchain, in a task named "Egretia".

Why consolidate two current advancements HTML5 and blockchain in a solitary task?

In light of William Judd's article on Developer, the arrangement of Egret is in accordance with the quest for giving answers for the specialized issues on HTML5 amusements. With the nearness of blockchain, it means to give answers to regular issues concerning the information stockpiling, the multiplayer amusement perspectives, and others. Besides, it will likewise permit simple usage of new backend highlights that are under blockchain like the online multiplayer and the advanced wallets among others.

As per the article, the "Egretia" venture which has its own particular token, Egreten, would enable clients to keep and exchange their computerized things. This can be accomplished through the "Egreten wallet" that would be given to the clients. Prizes can likewise be kept in the said wallet and it can be gotten to online through mobiles and PCs.

In what capacity would developers be able to get "Egreten" or Egret tokens?

Designers can acquire the tokens by making diversions and offering to promote in recreations. Clients can likewise purchase Egretens an in ICO. These tokens can be utilized as a part of commercials of amusements.

With this definite idea, 'Egretia' will without a doubt be a win if the designers are expert joining HTML5 with blockchain. Do you likewise bolster the joining of the two present-day advancements in a solitary undertaking?

Snapchat Introduces "Snapkit" Platform

Snapchat Introduces "Snapkit" Platform

Undeniably, Snapchat is widely-used by a great number of people around the world most especially the teen generation. However, it seems that it was quite hard for the multimedia messaging giant to fully spread its wings and make a name away from Facebook. Many developers believe that it can actually do more and hook more and more people with some development.
Recently, Snapchat introduced a new feature that brings a huge possibility that it will be one of those that will play a big part on the social media sites and the field of apps in the near future. It launched a platform tagged as the 'Snapkit', a full-fledged developer platform that brings Snap's camera and log-in to other applications. Previously, Techcrunch received multiple feeds that the Snap Inc., the company behind the said multimedia messaging giant, was having talks with other developers of apps for the integration of the platform of Snap.
The new feature of Snapchat raises the possibility that the log-in button and content of Snapkit will dominate the apps. Those who wish for a more private place in the online world can turn to the said platform that requires lesser information. It also allows users to sign up to other applications using their Snapkit account. Most likely, the presence of its log-in button everywhere can attract new people to make an account on the Snapchat platform.
Another great thing about the new feature of Snapchat is that users can bring with them their Bitmoji avatar after the company acquired Bitstrips. It was in 2016 when the company acquired the Toronto-based maker of Bitmojis at $64.2 million in 2016. It is one big thing that sets Snapchat apart from other messaging apps.

Have you tried the new feature of Snapchat? What can you say about it?

Why Many Developers Prefer Python Over PHP

Why Many Developers Prefer Python Over PHP

Two of the programming dialects that are broadly utilized by numerous designers are Python and PHP. These two noticeable programming dialects function admirably with various systems and it makes it more advantageous and less confused for designers in doing their assignments.

In any case, in light of Harpal Boparai's article on Net Solutions, numerous designers currently are thinking about Python over PHP for web advancement. Both have their own offer of focal points and impediments be that as it may, as per Boparai, the advantages of utilizing Python has pulled in an ever-increasing number of designers to utilize it in making web applications. Here are five reasons why numerous engineers have professedly move from utilizing PHP to using Python in web advancement:

1. Decipherability. Boparai referred to that Python is more coherent not directly finished the PHP but rather and additionally other programming dialects accessible. It uses spaces. With PHP, an exemplary approach is utilized.

2. Basic Syntax. Python programming dialect is less demanding to use in web improvement thinking of it as has an easier linguistic structure. With Python, it is simpler to compose and in addition to grasping the codes.

3. More Purpose. Something else about Python is that it isn't awesome for making site pages. In light of the article, with a basic web structure, there is a great deal more than you can do. You can likewise utilize it even without a web association.

4. Standard Web Framework. Python works with standard libraries and structures and it prompts influencing the designers to work by one means or another simpler. It has Django which is evidently the best web system.

5. Enormous Developer Ecosystem. Contrasted with PHP, Python requires less troubleshooting devices and they are promptly accessible considering the enormous designer biological system that the last programming dialect has. There are now enough troubleshooting devices in the downloader bundle of Python.

Robo Wunderkind Introduces Lego-Type Programmable Robot for 5 Year Olds

Innovation has come far. Irrefutably, numerous kids currently are into playing diversions on devices like iPads, cell phones, and PCs as opposed to playing with genuine toys. While there are points of interest, there are detriments too. Beside these internet amusements constraining the socialization of the children, it might likewise put limits on the children's innovativeness. It is a considerable measure unique in the event that they play with genuine toys that don't just influence their hands to move yet, in addition, urges them to think inventively.

One of the accommodating toys that you can provide for your child is Robo Wunderkind's Lego-type programmable robot. This programmable toy is ideal for kids five years of age or more. It will influence them to manage both - a genuine toy and a device. How can it do it?

The Robo Wunderkind's offer is as yet like a Lego building unit. The youths can play with the blocks and they can assemble them. The unit accompanies connectors so children can associate them in light of how they need their robot to be. The further developed side of this toy is that it is programmable. A minor camera can be set on it and an IR blaster and beneficiary can likewise be used.

The organization behind this programmable robot offers two applications - the Robo Live and the Robo Code. The Robo Live application will enable the children to control the robot while the Robo Code which includes another interface enables the youthful ones to distinguish which squares they are on. They can likewise join basic calculations utilizing the last application.

It is safe to say that you are intrigued to buy this Lego-like programmable robot of Robo Wunderkind? You may buy a starter unit for just $250.

Untold Trick on How to Create Many folders at a time

Untold Trick on How to Create Many folders at a time

Having a great knowledge of computer is most to everybody not only to make money but it serves as a good guide and dependable knowledge that will help in the future. When we have a look at our present generation we will find out that almost 60% of our daily activities are mostly done using those implemented technologies.

A computer is one of the well known and powerful tools that enhance and helps in various activities in our daily life with the help of computer some other impossible things are becoming possible. A folder in a computer is really important because it helps us to manage and arrange our data in an efficient way for an easy retrieval. 

In some situations, you want to create different folders for arrangement of data you need to be adding and renaming each folder you have created which takes a lot of time and also it consumes a lot of energy, so if such is the problem today in Guide Tricks I am going to show you the best and easiest way on how to create many folders at a time.       

Step by Step Guide on How to Create many Folders at a Time

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is starting your command prompt. A command prompt is an inbuilt application that is found inside a computer system so there is no need for any external application or download. To open it simply search for cmd in the windows search bar and right click on it and start it as administrator or Press on Win + R and type in Cmd in the provided search area you can also find cmd by clicking on the Start Menu >> All programs >> Accessories >> Command prompt.   

Untold Trick on How to Create Many folders at a time

Step 2: While you are in the command prompt the next thing, you should do is to set your location for creating the folder, for example, you want to set your desktop as your save location simple Write “cd desktop” and hit the enter button.

Step 3: And the last thing you need to do is to write out the syntax for creating folders and its as follow:

“Md Foldername1 Foldername2” and hit the enter button. And you are done!! All your folders will be visible to your assign location.

Untold Trick on How to Create Many folders at a time

Note: if you wish to create different folders just add a single space in-between a text and the folder will be successfully created and if you wish to create a long folder name that has space in between you can easily use the double quotations while typing ("Guide Tricks").

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any other method on how to create many folders at a time. And if you found this post very helpful don’t forget to share with your lovely one's Thanks and Happy Adding! 

A Person Is Known By the Blog He Keeps

A Person Is Known By the Blog He Keeps

Writing is the spirit of the mind. The best wellspring of writing can be currently found in online journals. The developing pattern of 'blog mania' is gradually clearing the netizens. Each individual tries to have a blog as a stage to distribute his considerations and be heard and perused.

General reviews embraced on web journals and bloggers demonstrates a rising pattern in blogging. A parallel stage for a scholarly undertaking, the websites are toppling the customary journalistic standards.

Distributing of news and perspectives never again remains the benefit of a world-class minority. Anyone and everyone is allowed to connect and investigate the essayist inside himself. The anamorphic nature of the human spirit is best reflected in the online journals.

A review in the United States drew out a startling actuality the 30% of the overviewed individuals read online journals. Additionally, 52% of the overviewed individuals advocate rise to journalistic rights and opportunity for the websites. Also, the most striking certainty is that 31% of the overviewed individuals uncovered that they observed web journals to be more believable than the daily papers.

The developing prominence of sites can be gauged from the way that Yahoo, Google, MSN, Rediff and the various fat cats of the digital world are trying different things with web journals and bloggers. Both free and paid blog raising locales have come up which offers a plenty of instruments to make blogging a breeze.

MSN has even gone to the degree of making a typical 'international ID' database over the entirety of its administrations. So now, an MSN client can utilize his very own 'id' crosswise over MSN envoy, Spaces, and Hotmail. Likewise, MSN has incorporated its Spaces with MSN Messenger 7.0. The clients of MSN Messenger 7.0 will have a tab named 'sparkles' which will educate them when their contracts have refreshed their individual sites.

Late measurements from MSN demonstrates that MSN has 170,000 day by day blog refreshes. This number is enormous considering the way that the vast majority of the bloggers don't refresh their web journals every day. The Literature of the new period is never again constrained to books. From Poems to Features, from Humor to Short Stories, everything can be found in the web journals. In spite of the fact that great online journals are a fool to discover, yet examination will uncover each blog to be great in its very own viewpoint. All things considered, sites are a cut of the blogger's life and each one's life is a great wellspring of learning knowledge.

This likewise opens up the showing estimation of web journals. Web journals can be a reflection of life, culture, and society. What can be a superior instructor than one with a plenty of encounters to offer on a silver platter?

Google To List Only Android Apps With 64-bit Support On Play Store Starting Aug 2019

Google To List Only Android Apps With 64-bit Support On Play Starting Aug 2019

Google To List Only Android Apps With 64-bit Support On Play Starting Aug 2019

Irrefutably, heaps of individuals around the globe are utilizing Android cell phones, tablets, and different devices. Along these lines, Google Play is where a great many people download applications that are required for work, school, or essentially for stimulation purposes like diversions, photograph editors, and video creators.

To guarantee that the Android clients get applications that are of elite and security, Google has chosen to actualize a few changes. In light of an article on Developer, the innovation goliath as of late made a declaration that beginning on August 2019, just applications with 64-bit support would be recorded in the online application store. It will be an expansion of the 32-bit renditions of the new applications and application refreshes.

Google additionally needs to ensure that the applications in the Play Store are based on the most recent APIs. In accordance with it, starting the second 50% of 2018, it will require new applications and application updates to "focus on an ongoing Android API level". In light of the article, for the confirmation of the credibility of the application, a security metadata will likewise be included best of each APK.

The progressions that will be executed by Google and the necessities for the posting of the applications in the online store are all in accordance with its interest to offer applications with the best execution to the Android clients.


What programming language should I learn?

What programming language should I learn?

What programming language should I learn?

Which programming language should I learn first? This is a great question to asked because you heard about so many programming languages include Pascal, Basic, Cobol, Java, Python, PHP, javascript, jquery, Ruby, C, C++, C# etc.

so, which one did you love? Or at least where should you start? Well asking such question which programming language should I learn Is just like going to the market asking which product should I buy? So today in Guide Tricks instead of telling you which one you should learn or which one you should not learn, first I will start by telling you some of the benefits of the major programming languages and what some of the languages are used for, after that you can now make your own decision to which you could go first.

So, in this post, I am going to list out some of the popular programming languages and what the are used for   

1.==> JavaScript
2.==> Ruby
3.==> Java
4.==> Php
5.==> python
6.==> C
7.==> C++
8.==> objective C
9.==> Swift
10.==> C#
11.==> Html and Css

Those are not in particular order or the above one is more perfect than the other one is just a list out of the popular languages, there are few other programming languages out there but the above listed are the most powerful and popular languages and with those programming languages you can develop any type of application any game any website or any piece of software you can dream out and all the top software’s that are used now days are built with those top programming languages that I have listed above.

There all relevant and all marketable. So, which one should you choose? Let’s discuss them.

HTML and CSS: if you want to start web development HTML and CSS is the first and best option to get started actually HTML and CSS are not programming languages but they are the languages you need to learn before you get started with web development.

JavaScript: for highly and enjoyable to used website javascript is your language that really helps examples of websites that used heavy javascript include Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube.

Ruby: is a high language used for highly functional websites examples of site build with ruby include twitter and Hulu.

Php: PHP is a programming language just like ruby is highly and powerful programing language that is used for software development or website, Facebook is one of the wells know social media website which is built in original Php, other websites that are designed using PHP include Wikipedia.  

Java and Python: There is a lot of software and website that are purely writing in the server site meaning you can never actually see the anything it happens behind the seen java and python are the major programming languages that are used for this process.

C, C# and C++: Game development now when it comes to development of games the can be developed in different ways but must of the popular games are writing in C and C++ for example play station games are popular design in C and C++, X box games are mainly writing in C++ and C# same with Desktop games C++ and C# not only that other games are developed in Java and Payton.

Swift: This is one of the major powerful programming language that Is used for iso App development, with swift you can easily develop an application that will support mac computer and other pc that works with the same operating system.

Those are the most popular and powerful programming languages that we used nowadays, so the decision remains yours if you wish to get started with any of the above programming languages feel free to learn, all those programming languages are simple and easy to learn. There are different websites online that provide tutorials w3school is best among them that provide full tutorials for different languages.

Let me know in the comment section below if you need any assistance and don’t forget to share this post with your lovely ones.  

New Update: you can now decide who can post a message in your WhatsApp group

New Update: you can now decide who can post a message in your WhatsApp group

I strongly believe that the future will be very incredible, a lot of effort is made by a different specialist in the diverse field to make things faster and easier. When we have a look at previous generation it really takes a lot of time to send or receive a message to your family, friends or relative who far from you.

Now with the help of technology things are really changing, you don’t need to worry anymore about how long your message will take to deliver or who to be given for delivering. With the support of social media and mobile technology, you can now communicate and share a resource with your family and friends in the easiest way in every part of the world.

Facebook is one of the best well-known biggest social media out there that have billions of users, and in every single day the amount keeps on increasing even though there are some other networks that play an important role in term of providing the same services and WhatsApp is best among them.  

WhatsApp support both mobile phones and computers the application has a lot of security which makes it more flexible. At the end of each month, WhatsApp officials usually add one or more feature to its application which is not available to other social media service. Some of the amazing features added to the application include two-step verification, who can change group details, add group description and delete send message which is absentminded in other social networks.

This month WhatsApp officials added a new feature which allows you to decide who can post a message in your WhatsApp group. Assuming you are running a business group and you want to stop unnecessary text messages this feature will be truly good for you and it’s very easy to set it up. This feature allows you to decide who can post in your group it’s only the admins or all the participants.

Note this feature is only visible to group admins  

Step by Step Guide On how to change who can post a message in your WhatsApp group

Go to Your WhatsApp group info >> Move to group settings >> click on “Send Messages” there are two options provided ‘All participants and Only Admins’ >> if you want only the admins to send message kindly choose ‘only admin’ or if you wish to leave it as default choose the first option which is “All Participants”.

So, this is all about how to change who can post a message in your WhatsApp Group. if you like this post show your appreciation in the comment box below or if you found it very helpful make sure to share it with your lovely ones. And don’t forget to subscribe to Guide Tricks for more cool tips, tricks and tutorials Thank You.

New feature: WhatsApp added Media Visibility to all users

WhatsApp keep on updating and adding a new amazing feature to its application which makes it speak around the crowd, there are different features available in WhatsApp chat application which certainly makes it more flexible and secure. Most of those features are vague in other social media service, some of the amazing features of the chat application include; two-step verification, add group description, change who can post in a group, delete send a message and much more.

There are various people that receive secret files and they don’t feel very happy to see it in their gallery, sometimes they try to download and install other application that the will used to locked those data out in both smartphones and computers.

So, a, for now, you don’t need to worry your self-looking for other application to be used for data locked, with the help of WhatsApp media visibility you can decide which media file should be displayed in your gallery.

What’s media visibility in WhatsApp?  

Media visibility is the second new feature added to WhatsApp application in this month, it allows you to decide which chat media file should be visible in your gallery. Assuming you receive files or data from someone or a group chat and you don’t want it to be seen in your gallery you can now easily change the chat media visibility in the receiver’s number or a group chat in your WhatsApp and ones you change it any file that you receive from that user or group won’t be shown in your gallery anymore but you can find it in any time in the chat ones you haven’t clean it.        

Step by Step Guide on How to change media visibility of a contact or group chat in WhatsApp.

The following steps are the same for both contacts, number or group chat.

Click on the user’s number, contact or group info, kindly scroll little bit just after ‘custom notifications’ you will see “Media visibility” click on it >> there are three options provided first is the ‘Default’ second ‘Yes’ while the last one is ‘No’, here both default and yes works the same if you click one of them all your chat media will be visible in your gallery but when you choose the ‘No’ option all the media file you receive will not be invisible in your gallery but you can found it any time in your chat history if you didn’t clear  it out.

New feature: WhatsApp added Media Visibility to all users

Note: This feature as for now works separately, one step doesn’t work for all chats means if you want to hide your media file for two users or two groups in WhatsApp you need to follow the above steps and assign it to each number, contact or group.  that’s it!

If you really like this post kindly show your appreciation in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this post with your lovely ones. Also keep on visiting Guide for more cool tips, tricks, and tutorials. 


    What should I do if I receive a "Consider replacing your battery" notification?

    What should I do if I receive a "Consider replacing your battery" notification?

    Windows 7 has the ability to tell you when your battery is no longer holding a full charge. When your battery gets down to 40 percent of its original capacity (that is, it can only hold 40 percent or less of its designed capacity after it has been charged), you'll see a notification that says "Consider replacing your battery." Windows reports this information directly from the battery—you will only see this notification when the battery is reporting it's unable to hold more than 40% of a full charge.

    This notification is in Windows 7—earlier versions of Windows can't notify you when your battery is going bad. If you've recently upgraded to Windows 7 and are receiving this notification, it probably means that you need to replace your battery. If you don't want to receive this notification, you can turn it off by clearing the checkbox on the battery meter. If you receive the "Consider replacing your battery" notification, and aren't sure if you should replace your battery, here are some things to consider:

    ==> Laptop batteries have different capacities: The amount of charge that they're designed to hold. Over time, laptop batteries will lose their ability to hold a charge, as is the case for all rechargeable batteries. This means that even though you're fully charging your battery, the actual amount of power that the battery can hold is going down. You can find information about the capacity of your laptop battery by looking at the information printed on the battery, or reading the information that came with the laptop or battery.

    ==> Even relatively new batteries can fail or become damaged: Exposure to extreme heat can damage a battery and quickly go from holding a charge to not holding a charge.

    What You Should Know About Bluetooth Technology

    ==> If you plan to replace your battery, you should contact your computer manufacturer, or buy a battery that is made by your computer manufacturer, since it is designed to work best with your computer.

    ==> The manufacturer of the battery is responsible for the condition and quality of the battery. Batteries do sometimes fail, so it's a good idea to only buy batteries that come with a warranty.

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