Jan 2, 2020

How to Make Interesting Thumbnail for Your YouTube Videos

How to Make Interesting Thumbnail for Your YouTube Videos

Youtube has become one of the most important platforms for everyone to communicate. For YouTubers, it is an excellent channel for them to get exposure.  Though it is great to posing videos on this platform, however, how can you get your audiences on such massive videos? So that making a good-looking thumbnail, title, the description would be a way to do it. Here we go further.

How to Make Interesting Thumbnail for Your YouTube Videos

Why is it so essential to create video thumbnails on YouTube?

Thumbnails on YouTube are instant views of your videos.

They act like a small poster and allow viewers to know what you or your brand have to offer them.

Basically, they anticipate the content they will find.

In addition, it is the first thing people will see when they find your video on YouTube, either during their search or in other areas of the platform through paid advertising (where the video is offered as a suggestion).

Together with the title, the thumbnails have to be attractive to increase their effectiveness.

A good thumbnail has to make the viewer stop at that graphic piece and hook them to click to discover more.

You only have 1 second to get people's attention. Otherwise, they will go to something else.

But this is not the sole reason for the importance of thumbnail.

By boosting the viewing of your videos, they also give you the possibility that your content will be displayed more than those of the competition.

That is if your thumbnail makes it possible for the viewer to click on it and watch the video (ideally see it complete), YouTube understands that your content is fulfilling its promise.

The viewing time is essential, the longer the video is viewed, the more chances you will have YouTube show your content before the competition.

A few tips for making thumbnail

A first recommendation: Be consisted of your video content.

YouTube will also take this into account that if the viewer is attracted to your thumbnail but then your content is not related to your thumbnail.

Do not use deceptive titles, being precise is essential.

Finally, A statistic is taken from the YouTubeindicates that 90% of the recordings of this social network with the best performance uses the custom thumbnail system.

So, are you already convinced of the importance of miniatures?

Well, let's see how to create them!

What does YouTube say about putting thumbnails to your videos?

It's important to know that thumbnails are generated automatically every time you upload a video on YouTube.

This social network gives you three versions of thumbnails, you just have to choose one and select the option “save changes”.

Of course, these types of thumbnails are not customized.

In order to create custom thumbnails, your YouTube account must be verified or with access to the “live stream” feature.

How to load a custom thumbnail of a new video?

You record or upload your recording and when it finishes processing, you go to the “video thumbnails” section of the upload interface and select “custom thumbnail”.

How to load a thumbnail of an already uploaded video?

You go to the YouTube Creator Studio tool, click on the “edit” button of the visual piece to which you want to add a thumbnail.

On the preview screen, just to the right, there is a "custom thumbnail" button.

You Click on it, upload a thumbnail and save the changes.

To know in more detail how to perform these types of actions, I recommend using YouTube helps support.

4 Tips you have to know to create irresistible thumbnails

  • Have a clear idea before creating a thumbnail
When you record a video, you must have some planned planning (this is ideal): the shots, the sequences, the time, the script, and so on.

If possible, think and record the image of your thumbnail (it can be a screenshot of the content itself or a still photo) during filming.

If the content of your work is not visually appealing, you will have to search through the photo library or any other image that is representative of the content and impressive enough for the viewer.

Use stunning, compelling images

The image you use will be the key to success in this mission.

In addition to being shocking and convincing, they have to be well framed and contrast with the white background of YouTube.

Always think about the emotion you intend to convey (happiness, curiosity, anger, sadness, etc.).

The close-ups are good when it comes to expressing emotions.

Also, do not forget to think about the text: colors used, fonts and composition regarding the image.

Make sure your thumbnail stands out from the others

If the thumbnails of your competitors stand out more than yours, your work will not be as seen as much.

So that this does not happen, I recommend you do research work before recording and creating your thumbnails.

Do a YouTube search on specific pieces or channels similar to yours.
Analyze the miniatures that exist and think about how you can do to stand out among them.

Create hooked titles and that combine with the image/style of your thumbnails

The title has to be catchy and precise and does not recommend using deceptive titles.

YouTube advises using concise titles of no more than 60 characters.

The most important information must be located at the beginning and never stop playing with creativity or curiosity.

You need the viewer to feel obligated to give that click that you are looking for.

You already have 6 essential tips when creating your thumbnails.

Let's now look at the tools you could use.

Tools to create video thumbnails for YouTube

In addition to programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, many other tools do not require advanced knowledge to create professional-looking graphics works. One of them is DesignCap.

When you enter this online platform, you will see that it says "Get Started Now" and shows you some templates.

If you choose the template, then you can enter keywords to find the matched templates. You can click Youtube thumbnail and select.

With this, you have already secured the appropriate dimensions.

Many templates are free and you can also upload your own images.

Then, it's just about being creative. This tool is dead-easy to manage your works.

That’s all. Hope this post would help you.

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