Jul 8, 2021

Android 9.0 Pie Features that you Must Know

Android 9.0 Pie Features that you Must Know

All you Android lovers it is a piece of good news for all of you because the new version of Android is in town. You cannot download it from the Play Store and upgrade your phone. The name of the new software, however, is sweeter than the earlier names- it is called Pie. Pie is the 9.0 version of the OS that possibly is going to be used by Android Phones. 

The best thing about Pie is, amazing features that have come across and things are changed over here. Do not worry if your phone is not upgrading over 9.0, because slowly and gradually every phone is going to be compatible that is the Android One with the software that is 9.0 Pie. If you have downloaded it or if you have not downloaded it let us tell you some features that a remarkably changed in this software

The new navigation system

In 9.0 there are three buttons that a contemporary over the navigation bar which is at the lower side of the screen mainly at the end. What you can do you can use the contemporary back home and the recent button just according to your wish where you find it suitable. 

You can change amend and customize the buttons, and there is no traditional method that is given by the software itself that you need to use. The easiest method to enable the system into your phone is going to the system, that is into the setting and then choose gestures, just according to what you are looking for do the settings and make use of this amazing feature.

The customized battery and the brightness levels

You may be very familiar with this trait that Android has. In 6 the version which was named as Marshmallow, there was an adaptive battery that could be used. Marshmallow had this feature that you could put the apps over doze show that the consumption of the battery was much lesser, and the battery was not wasted to more but saved. 

What you can do if you can just toggle to the battery and then select adaptive battery which is going to let you help sleep down all those apps which are not in use but are running in the background. This time the battery and the brightness levels both are changed and particularly the brightness is also upgraded in this feature. Just according to the apps you have you can customize the brightness levels in those particular apps that you want to use particularly.

Application actions

If you open up some assignment writing service application and the call comes the Google Launcher is going to make all those apps appear, which people think and sense are the most important ones, for instance, you are using the navigation app in the morning, so it is going to ask you for any more Hangouts then you want to do in the evening time. It is as alike as you are talking to a person or a person is asking you any question.

Slicing of the apps

This may sound very interesting for you it is just going to work as just the background apps that up running in the background but the slicing of the apps is what you can do over the active screen. You can open many apps at one time and you can swipe those apps and use them at your convenience.

Security in the Android 9.0 os

The security levels in this operating system has been much improved and enhanced, like for instance in the earlier times the microphone and the place that you were at one not asked but used, now it is not possible that without the permission the phone can make use of all the places you are at and the microphones along with the camera, etc, for all the person who is using 9.0 pie?

What time you are using your phone

The phone is going to let you know that for how long you were asleep and what time you pick up the phone and what the last time was you have kept the phone down; this we call as the digital wellbeing. 

Not only this but also, the time that was there only at a particular application is going to be shown like for instance If you are using a Facebook app it will tell you that for how long did you use that particular app.

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