Aug 27, 2019

How To Write Your First Thesis?

How To Write Your First Thesis?

The thesis is one of the most critical but also the most rewarding tasks you will do in your academic life. Whether you have a bachelor's or postgraduate degree, writing a thesis is an experience that will give you a great advantage in your CV, as well as helping you do any research work wherever you go.

So that you do not hallucinate your thesis project, fear or laziness do it, Custom WritingService  have prepared some tips that will make things easier for you.

1. Choose a topic: Always have various ideas for your topic. Remember that you must also make thesis rules that are approved by your advisor before completing the entire document.

Get ready now and an extra tip: choose to write about something you love with all your strength, so you can tolerate working so long on the same.

2. Ask yourself many questions: Before arriving at a successful research protocol and while carrying them out, you should ask yourself all kinds of things about your topic: Can I do it? How much time do I have to do it? How important is it to do it? Where can I start? Answering these questions will help you a lot

3. Take a day to promote making a work plan: We recommend that you divide it by weeks.

  • Whether you have a semester or two, draw up a plan detailing what you will do every  week to finish your thesis on time and then determine what you will do each day  work to achieve this weekly goal.
  • Think of a schedule interspersed between research, rest and writing, for example, you could devote a couple of hours of research plus one hour of writing a day to your thesis and rest one day. Measure your chances, but don't be so baggy when calculating time.
  • Be realistic to plan your activities and reflect on whether the weekly goal you are effectively setting will be met in a timely manner.

  • It is recommended that you plan to finish a couple of weeks before, in order to prevent any delay you have when doing your weekly tasks due to force majeure.

  • If you don't have a subject, you can even plan a week to choose it, so you won't see your thesis even in the soup.

4. A very important exercise: Read a lot. Once you have done so, you will realize that several of these could even constitute chapters of your thesis. In addition, this exercise will not make you feel so heavy writing it, because you will not be thinking that, in fact, you are writing chapters of your thesis.

On the other hand, consider that when defending it before the jury it will be necessary that you have very fresh all these quotes in relation to your work, the support of other inventors in that field and the confidence to respond with knowledge,

5. Take organized notes that contain keywords: It’s about all the information you collect while researching for your thesis. These notes should be brief (a kind of the bibliographic record even in Word) to allow you to return to the information you want to consult easily and quickly.

6. Be disciplined:  This is the most difficult part, because sometimes it will seem that there are other better and more important things to do, that you can recover 20 minutes late (or more time) easily with just a little hurry, that you deserve one more day of rest, etc., However, you should write even if you don't feel like doing it, so you won't see your thesis everywhere even after finishing it.

7. Try to be at calm and find a quiet a place for your thesis: Distractions only makes you fall behind. Also, think that the sooner and better you finish with your thesis task of the day, the sooner you can do something else and you will not have to waste time repeating and correcting something you have already done.

Turn off your electronic devices (except the computer) and stay away from anything that may distract you during your assigned work period.

8. Ask for help: Either your teachers, a family member, friend or someone close to you that you know can help you with your topic. This will save you many delays due to blockages in your creative progress. Seeking help in time will save you a lot of time and worries, constantly check with your advisor every time they have agreed or every time you feel you lose your way.

9. Be good to yourself : The last and most important advice so that your thesis does not take away your sleep, find time for yourself and yours. Don't punish yourself with unthinkable hours in the library or unveiling yourself to do much more in a shorter time. Sometimes the best ideas come after a break.

How To Write Your First Thesis?

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