Aug 30, 2019

Here’s How Real Estate Agents Can Maximize the Use of Instagram

Here’s How Real Estate Agents Can Maximize the Use of Instagram

Instagram has become the center of attention because of its picture sharing feature. It persuades the people to feed their self and reveal their thoughts to their followers. Moreover, it allows people to be themselves. When it comes to Instagram for business, it adds more features for the beneficiaries. Like if you run an e-commerce platform you can share the accessories on Instagram and allow people to connect to you easily. But do you know in 2019, who can benefit from Instagram the most?

It’s Real Estate Agents.

Their objective is to connect people to their dream houses and with Instagram they can make it easy. When they get the platform to share photos of the exquisite homes, best-selling condos, and lofts, they can help people more. With technology changing the future of businesses, it’s important to ditch the ancient ways to sell homes. Technology has changed the way we live, eat and play, and it’s now changing the way we shop homes.

So, if you’re a real estate agent and you’re far away from technology, then let me tell how Instagram will help your business to give a boost.

1. Show the Real Picture

According to a study, people believe what they see. There’s a difference between telling people to buy or making them excited about the product. If you have a real estate office setup, then sharing photos on Instagram will let people know that you exist for real. Besides that, sharing team photos and events draw people engagement towards your business. 

If I have to buy a house then I’d go the agent who has his presence on social media, I’ll dig the insights and then hire him for the services. Because I can’t let my savings go in vain with a real estate agent who won’t even exist.

2. First-Hand Photography

You’re planning to sell a home. How about taking its captivating pictures and writing it’s best-selling features in the description? If you have a 50 Yorkville Ave to sale, then posting an enticing picture with a compelling description will increase engagement on the post. Or it might excite your clients to visit you. But it will embark a change, know it.

You can also learn from other real estate professionals about how they’re letting their creative ideas flow. This will allow you to add more creativity using quality first-hand photography.

3. Creative Videography

The best thing about Instagram is that it gives you 15 seconds to add a short video and the bad thing is also the same. It prevents you from posting a long video so users don’t turn it off. 

But using the videography feature you can help the audience to take a round of the home they’re planning to buy. If the home is near the amenities like restaurants, malls or public parks then you can also grab your audience by revealing these features.

Not only this but you can also share your achievements, testimonials and your profiles that add credibility to your business.

If you’re using Instagram for business, then here are some don’ts that you should drop right now.

Don’ts of Instagram

  • Posting Frequently: If you post more than two times a day then the audience can turn your updates off. Post once or twice but make sure it’s all quality and original.

  • Commenting and Tagging: If you follow the other real estate accounts and comment on their every post then it will piss them soon. They will take your words lightly.

  • Multiple Hashtags: Excessive hashtags can confuse users where to go and why. Research the hashtags before using and make sure it’s relevant.

Tracking your Performance

When you start using Instagram, keep tracking your performance. Are you even growing? How are audiences engaging with you? Learning from the insights will help you to get better in your real estate business promotion. Analyze which posts are getting noticed among the audience and try to post more like that. If videos are drawing engagement then post more like it. 

If you haven’t started promoting your business on Instagram then it's the right time to do it now. Otherwise, your competitors will replace you anytime soon.

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