Jun 12, 2019

OMG! The best digital marketing strategies ever!

OMG! The best digital marketing strategies ever!

Marketing is not about selling your product, it’s an art of sharing a story.
People don’t buy products, they buy emotions.  So what are you selling? A business product or a real emotion?

OMG! The best digital marketing strategies ever!

Now the question is How to spark interest among people toward your product? How to grab the attention of potential customers? Internet is a perfect platform to reach your target audience as lots of people spend their fair share amount of time on their smartphones and laptops browsing web content. People are connected on social media platforms, so all you have is a millisecond of the moment to grasp their attention and take a look at your content in their newsfeed.

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Blogging is the most creative way to position your brand and familiarize people with your business product by being descriptive and providing thorough details of your product. Consumers trust blogs and they are the perfect platform to connect with leads who can eventually convert into customers. You will get to understand the preference and tastes of people. They can state their real opinion in the comment section which can be later used to improvise the product. Another major benefit of blogging is that it gives you ample content to share with your audience on other marketing channels.

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Search Engine Optimization

Many businesses ignore SEO factor while running a business because it doesn’t give you an immediate result but it is a must, in the long run, to get more traffic from diverse sources and get repetitive visitors with regularly updated contents. Having just a website is not enough,  your website should be user-friendly, attractive and highly optimized. These days people do thorough research before buying anything to make sure they are buying the right product at the right price and when they don’t find your product while searching online, then your chance of getting sales decreases significantly which is why your website should be ranked on the first page in the search engine.  Users trust those sites which rank on the top position of search engines.

Social Promotion

Everyone is connected to social media platforms. If you don’t use this opportunity to flaunt your product effectively, you will lose a huge chunk of potential clients. Consumers are seeking to engage and connect with their favorite brands on these networks.  It provides an ideal platform to connect for businesses with its ideal target audience.   When building an ad campaign, you should make sure that your ad is mobile friendly and also avoid overly salty ads, and opt for contents that educate or entertain. 
You can always review the performance of your ad campaign using different metrics and data report and improvise to reach more customers and generate more leads by being cost-efficient. You can better understand the preference, likes, behavior the pattern of people using social media and share the most suitable content to entice your target audience towards your product.

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Video Marketing

Videos are the most efficient and effective ways to engage people as people react vigorously on interesting ones. Video is one of the top-converters, and it doesn’t require a high budget to use as well. Posting live and other videos to your website and other social media platforms embedded with ads can generate a large number of traffics on your business site. You can use videos not just for ads but also offer ongoing learning and education as a part of your brand’s mission whether it’s about the brand itself or about a cause, it’s close to.

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Optimization  of business website

If your website is not mobile optimized yet, then you are hurting your business bad because these days people use smartphones for doing almost everything. You must make your website both desktops and smartphones friendly. Not just that, you must use clickable phone numbers, address, and CTA (calls to action) with contact details connected to a map app to make your business more reachable.  Quickly loading website also plays a significant role in improving user experience ultimately leading to increased traffic in a site.

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