Apr 14, 2019

8 reasons why you should use Azure Backup to ensure data recover ability

8 reasons why you should use Azure Backup to ensure data recover ability

Data is equivalent to “spine” for modern business. Maintaining data integrity and ensuring its availability is critical for your organization. You need a proper backup and disaster recovery plan to keep your business up and running.  

Existing on-premises backup solutions often leave holes in protection and adding capacity requires costly capital expenditures. There is a solution to eliminate expensive discs and tape solutions and ensure your data is protected.  Azure Microsoft's powerful cloud platform allows availability on-demand. Azure is a service that, you can use for backup and restore your data in Microsoft cloud. Backup to Azure replaces your existing on-premises or off-site backup solution with a cloud-based solution that is reliable, secure, and cost-effective.

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What is Azure Backup?

Backup, in general, is a process where you create replicas of your data and keep it in an offsite location. Backup to Azure is the Azure-based service which can be used to backup your data and restore your data to the Azure cloud storage. Azure backup replaces your on-premises backup solution with the cloud-based solution.

Benefits of Azure Backup:

 The backup solutions have changed from time to time, but they end up to the cloud storage solutions. You need to evaluate your needs when you require to have a backup. The key benefits of backup to Azure are listed so that it makes you more clear about the cloud backup.

Automatic storage management:

Many enterprises require hybrid environments to back up their data. They require on-premises and cloud both for the backup needs. Through backup to Azure, you can use the on-premises storage devices as well and you can manage your backup in cloud storage easily.

Limited Costs:

By backup to Azure, you have to follow the pay-as-you-go model.  You can only pay for the storage that you use. This makes it less expensive.

Unlimited Scaling:

It provides you with unlimited scaling. You can scale up as you require.  Azure cloud storage delivers high availability.

Multiple cloud storage options:

Backup to Azure provides you with multiple storage options. It provides local redundant storage and geo-redundant storage options. You can choose according to your requirements.

Unlimited Data Transfer:

You can transfer as much data as you require. The data transfer is not limited. There are no extra charges for the data transferred.

Data Security:

Through backup to Azure, you can be ensured that the data has the secure transmission. The storage of your data in the public cloud is also secured.

Long Term Backup:

Azure also doesn’t limit the length of time until you want to keep the data to the cloud. You can have long term retention of your data. You can keep data for the limit of 9999 recovery points per protected instance.

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With backup to Azure, you can eliminate the need to maintain an off-site facility to store tape backups and meet regulatory compliance requirements. It also helps to protect assets that run in the cloud. Azure Backup provides recovery services built on a world-class infrastructure that is scalable, durable, and highly available.
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