Feb 19, 2019

Top 5 travel apps in India

Top 5 travel apps in India
If you want to travel across India or the whole world, you can plan your trips online and can book your hotels, flights, bus, and trains online for hassle-free trips. The online platforms not only provide you with hassle-free bookings but also the daily discounts or festive discounts keep your pocket heavy too.

Here we have listed the 5 best travel apps in India for you which will come in handy while planning the trips and bookings:


Agoda is another well designed and easy to use the app for the best accommodations of any kind anywhere in this world. You can search more than lakhs of hotels all around the world on this app- from resorts, hotels, BnBs to villas. Moreover, at the cheapest and best prices that you won’t get anywhere. Not only this, you get additional savings up to 80%- thanks to the deals and offers you get. You can search for flights from the Agoda app and travel wherever you want at affordable prices by using Agoda Coupons.

You can also become a host at Agoda and start earning-manage reservations and try making the guests comfortable. Just list your property on their website and you are ready to earn. That said, Agoda is one of the most popular and powerful apps for travel bookings undoubtedly.


MakeMyTrip is one of the most reached and used travel app. Not only it provides holiday booking offers but also flights, railway tickets and hotel booking for the smooth sailing. The app provides you hassle-free bookings so that you don’t have to go somewhere else for bookings. Not only this, the MakeMyTrip app provides many discounts and coupons for its customers which reduce the cost price. Moreover, the interface is smooth and easier to play with- Just select your location where you want to go and then you can see all the flights, trains going there and hotel availability at that place. You can also filter and refine the searches and get away with it.


Cleartrip is one of the best all-in-one travel app- from your travel bookings to hotel bookings, this app compiles all of that in one and serve the purpose. The app gives special discounts as well on the hotel accommodations, bus fare, flight fare and more. The app also notifies you about the fare drop or rise and it is really easy to cancel or reschedule the bookings with this app. So next time you want to get early booking sat lower cost or want to cancel or reschedule your plans, Cleartrip is the one to give you all this liberty.


As the name itself says, SastiTicket provides cheap and affordable tickets for flights, bus and hotel accommodations. Not only cheap tickets but fast bookings also make this platform a goto when you are in dire need of tickets or want to travel urgently. On the day to day basis, you might bump your head into a new exciting deal at this SastiTicket platform on hotels, buses, car rental, and flights. Not only this, but SastiTickets also provides insurance policies for its customers at very affordable prices. If you want to take any help or you are stuck anywhere in booking, you will get 24/7 assistance from the SastiTicket help number. So, next time don’t cancel your plan when in urgency, just go to SastiTicket and get your bookings done but don’t forget to apply available SastiTicket Coupons today.


As the name goes, the app serves the same purpose of advising you for the best trip. From your dream destination, flights, hotels to restaurants, the TripAdvisor app provides you with everything for your best and rememberable experience. Also, you can read user reviews to know more about the destination and then decide whether to invest your valuable time to go there or not. You can also compare prices from different hotel booking sites so that you can choose the best one for you. And, as their tagline says itself: Know Better, Book Better, Go Better- TripAdvisor stands by it and serves like it.

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