Dec 11, 2017

A Fool-Proof Way to Attract Visitors for your business

A Fool-Proof Way to Attract Visitors for your business
A Fool-Proof Way to Attract Visitors for your business

Blogs might appear like an old hat at this time as by now actually everyone has one him- and herself. But faithfully this point is what makes them such a cherished promotion tool even for long existing websites (that are no blog and don't have one yet): The wide and large user base. There are thousands of bloggers everywhere in every kind of niche that will visit every new blog they can find with great interest and thus making great new customers for your present website. And the best thing is it doesn't even take much work to add your own blog to your website and promote it. This article will take you through the only four steps that are needed.

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1      .      Create Your Blog: I won't get into the technical details of creating or managing a blog here much. Because in my previous tutorial I have discussed on how to set up a blog using blogger, how to customize it and much more; in the end it doesn't matter if you use WordPress, blogger, Text Pattern or any other blogging software. However, make sure your choice offers an RSS Feed for your articles as this will be advanced for promoting your blog. It also matters what you add to the layout of your blog: Since you want to use it as a promotion tool for your website you don’t need to include one or several prominent links to your homepage on the blog and don't give your visitors many choices through links to other sites.

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2       .      Write Something: This one might be seen as the hardest part for many people, especially for those with no blogging experience. However, it isn't quite as hard as it sounds: You just have to write little articles, news, and thoughts about the topic of your main website and keep in mind all things that you need to write should be straightforward and short (and be sure to include a link to it in everything you write!) and the more often you do this the better your blog will perform.

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3       .      Promote The Blog: That's easy again! The best thing you can do is to ping your blog. That actually means to tell all those big blog content aggregation sites out there that you have added a new article to your weblog. They will then spider it sometime later and place a link to your fresh content on their site thus driving a visitor to you. The best thing about pinging is that you can ping all the important blog aggregators out there at once with the Pingomatic. The next step is to add your new weblog to all the RSS directories out there. Those are basically the same as normal directories, just that they index the RSS Feed and not the site itself. 

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4    .      Blog Design: make sure you make your blog look more professional by adding a premium template to it, and also make your site very simple to help your visitors navigate through it easily.

After those four steps, everything should start to get rolling automatically. How far it will roll however is totally tied to your content: The more often you update your blog the more success it will probably have and therefore drive more visitors to your website.

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