Oct 10, 2017

7 Reasons Why I Blog and Why You Shouldn't

Humans are suckers for true story telling. A weblog tells a story and draws readers. Weblog subjects are huge, and the top 10 blogs of 2017 range from tech and politics to celebrity gossip. Some of the names are acquainted to you: huffington submit, engadget, moz, perez hilton, and copyblogger.

What do those sites have in commonplace? They earn $500,000 in step with month or more through blogging. A number of the weblog sites within the pinnacle 10 commenced with much less than $1,000. A lot of these blogs inform, entertain, and interact emotions. They earn cash thru advertising and from subscriptions for top rate memberships.

Why should you blog?

Running a blog takes up valuable time, so topics of your posts need to be sustainable. In different phrases, whilst the weblog turns to work, like plugging out a 1,000 word publish at 3 A.M., you want a actual cause to maintain going.

Content advertising and marketing king, joe pulizzi, calls content material introduction (aka running a blog) a "warfare of attrition." to win a warfare of attrition, one military's "why" has to be larger than the other navy's. In case you begin running a blog to deliver interest in your service or product and your only motivator is money, the blog will no longer final.

Test out those phrases: freedom from a business enterprise, to effect other humans’ lives in a main manner, and to give my kids the freedom to do what they want, after they want. Those are big "whys". On your weblog to closing and subsequently turn a income, you should have a large why.

Here are the 7 motives why i blog:

I'm searching out freedom from my current activity. Running a blog allows me to exhibit my capabilities while retaining my contemporary process. I will construct an audience and interact with them, without having to get a business loan or lose my domestic even as converting careers.

Gives a platform to put it up for sale merchandise. I tell tales. My weblog sits right next to books i could be promoting. Attracting people to my books is one way i monetize my website.

Advertise services. A few buttons down from my weblog is a services button. Wager what my carrier is? I write blogs for different human beings. No longer anyone have time to punch out 3,000 words in step with week. I write fast and those say i tell an high-quality story. So there.

Permits me to practice my craft. I inform tales. The most effective manner to maintain this ability and to get better at it's miles to write down. Posting 2-three articles in step with week forces me to exercise.

Immediately feedback. If you study my weblog from its inception, you'll see posts ranging from fiction samples to entrepreneurship. Fiction and running a blog isn't a lot one-of-a-kind. You tell a story, create interest, and hold human beings studying. Some posts are better than others. How do i understand? By using the number of clicks and shares; also referred to as immediately remarks.

Develop my target market. A number of "advertising professionals" tell small commercial enterprise proprietors to "go slim" with target audience and purchaser base. I assume this is terrible recommendation. While starting out, you're unknown, and you want to broadcast your message to everyone who will pay attention. My blog averages 60 each day perspectives. Now not bad for simplest months of labor. Could i talk to 60 prospects regular without running a blog and social media? Now not probably.
I enjoy writing approximately whatever. Whether it's a part of considered one of my fiction novels, or telling a tale such as this put up, i clearly do enjoy it. Some say my present is writing, so i determine i need to proportion with each person.

Should you be a blogger?

In case you don't like developing with thoughts and typing them into 1,000 word articles, then running a blog isn't always for you. Don't worry, there are other options consisting of "video blogs" or "vlogs." strive another medium to get your message out. Some other cause people do not blog is worry of ridicule. The web can be unpleasant, and if you are frightened of what others suppose, don't weblog (as a minimum publicly).

Do not worry if you aren't an amazing author. There are masses of people out there that will help you kind up your thoughts into a compelling tale. Attempt me, i don't charge my friends (plenty).

Blogging takes time and is paintings. In case you do not suppose it is sustainable, then look for different topics or opportunity platforms. If you can't get your idea out of your head and might provide you with 50-75 titles, then pass for it. Running a blog takes time away from family and pals, but basic, it is able to make you wealthy.

Remember: battle of attrition.

Do you have ideas you would really like to weblog approximately? Let's speak about them in the comments.
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