Sep 8, 2017

Should I Add Google AdSense Ads on My New Blog?

Hey! Welcome to Guide Tricks, the coolest texture on the web. Are you one of those nascent bloggers who are not yet been monetizing their personal or business blog and you are skill suspicious of doing so? If so, I have also walked in your shoes. In the early days of my blogging career, I did not take advantage of AdSense or any other ad platform yet. Perhaps the major reason many of us stay away from monetizing our blogs is that we are protective of our image, and we fear being judged by our readers.

Someone Stated that he has an approved AdSense account, but he is not putting AdSense on his blog, he was asked Why? He replies with: Because it’s a new blog, and putting AdSense on it might make my visitors think that I blog for money. A Question was trough to him as follow: Then why did you apply for AdSense when you are not planning to monetize your blog? He replies with I will monetize it when I have good traffic. He was also asked; what difference does it make whether you monetize the blog now or later? Will the perception of your readers be different at another point in time?

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The question remains steady; why do you want to monetize your blog? Making money from your blog doesn’t make you a less passionate blogger or a greedy blogger. It is simply taking advantage of an opportunity to earn some little amount of money from one of your passions, and to develop your dreams as a blogger or an Entrepreneur. Ask yourself if that is a disgraceful thing.

AdSense approval process for 2017/2018

If you have a blog that can be monetized, start monetizing it now. Chances are good that you may not make more than $10-$100/month, but at least you are earning some money doing something you enjoy.

What are advertisements, and why advertise are good on your blog?

When you place an advertisement that is related to your content and your niche runs on your blog, whether on the sidebar, or on the header, or elsewhere, you are helping your readers by providing a place for them to obtain a product that may be interested in purchasing in an easily way.

There is no right or wrong time to begin monetizing your blog if you have an interest in doing so. And as long as you do so in such a way that you will not be hampering the readability of your blog, there is no reason why you should not start monetizing as soon as you feel your blog is ready. Bear in mind that it is best to place only one or two ads on a page. While it may seem counter-intuitive, fewer ads = better CTR = more money in the long run.
So if you have an AdSense account and a great blog, start trying some ads on your blog. Start with one or two ad units, and stay focused on the quality of your blog, delivering good information to your readers, and producing a quality blog overall. You never know you may end up making a living from your blog!

What’s your opinion on the monetization of blogs? Feel free to share your thoughts with us using the comments section below.

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