Apr 27, 2017

50 Common Keyboard Shortcuts For Every Web Browsers

Welcome to Guide Tricks today i am going to show you the best Common Keyboard Shortcuts For Every Web Browsers, There are a lots of browser from which we can explore Internet. But the best and popular web browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer. These most popular web browsers share a lot of common keyboard shortcuts to make operating them easy and simple. So, here I am telling you those keyboard and mouse shortcuts which are common in all these web browsers and are very important to make your internet browsing more comfortable.

  Browser Tab/Window Controlling Ctrl+T – Open a New Tab. Ctrl+N – Open New Browser Window. Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+8 – Lets you to switch the specified Tab from 1 to 8 location from the left. Ctrl +9 – It will direct switch you to the last Tab of the currently opened Browser window. Ctrl+W – Lets you to close the currently opened/focused Tab. Ctrl+Shift+T – Reopens the last opened tab. Ctrl+F4, Alt+F4 – To close the opened browser window. Alt+F4 shortcut is also used to close other non-browser windows too. Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Page Up – Lets you to visit the next tab to your currently focused Tab on the Right side. Ctrl+Shift+Tab, Ctrl+Page Dn – Switch to the next tab on the left side i.e., previously opened Tab.

  Mouse Shortcuts For Tab Middle Click (On Tab)- Closes The Current Tab. Ctrl+Left Click, Middle Click – Open a link in Background Tab, without showing. Ctrl+Shift+Left Click – Open a link in a new Tab. Shift+Left Click – Open clicked link in a new window.

  Browser Navigation Controls Backspace Key, Alt+Left Arrow – Back Navigation. Shift+Backspace, Alt+Right Arrow – Forward Navigation. F5 – Refresh/ Reload (Works with Non-Web Browser Windows too). Ctrl+F5 – Reload the webpage without using cache data, re-downloading full webpage. Escape – Stop Loading/Processing. Alt+Home – Homepage i.e., about:home location of browser

  Zoom Control Ctrl and +, Ctrl+ Mousewheeel Up – Zoom In Entire Domain Website. Ctrl and -, Ctrl+Mousewheel Down – Zoom Out Entire Domain Website. Ctrl+0 – Default Zoom level. F11 Key – Enables Full Screen Browser Mode.

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  Scroll Control Scapebar Key, Page Down – Down Frame/Fold of entire webpage. Shift+Spacebar Key, Page Up – Up Frame/Fold of entire webpage. Home – At the Top of Webpage. End – Bottom of Webpage. Mouse’s Middle Click – Scroll along the mouse’s cursor location in Windows OS.

  Address Bar F6, Ctrl+L, Alt+D – Put cursor and focus at Address bar to type there. Ctrl+Enter Key – Adds www. at beginning and blogspot.com at end of a word. For e.g., if you type guidetricks and hit Ctrl+Enter, it will take you to www.guidetricks.blogspot.com. Alt+Enter – Duplicate the current Tab.

  Browser’s Search Control Ctrl+E – Takes you to built-in search box of browser. If the browser is not having separate searchbox, it will takes you to address bar. Alt+Enter – Perform Search from searchbox’s word in a separate new tab. F3, Ctrl+F – In-page search to search keyword, character string on current page. F3, Ctrl+G – Search Next (After starting in-page search). Shift+F3, Ctrl+Shift+F3 – Search Previous (After starting in-page search).

  History & Boomark Controls Ctrl+H – Open Browsing History Log. Ctrl+J – Open Download History. Ctrl+D – Bookmark Current WebPage. Ctrl+Shift+Del – Opens The “clear browsing data” window.

  Other Functions Ctrl+P – Prints the currently Opened Page. Ctrl+S – Save the current WebPage, Document, Image etc. Ctrl+O – Lets you open a file from computer. Ctrl+U – Open Source Page of currently opened WebPage. F12 – Developer Mode, Opens the developer tools (Needed Firebug extension in Firefox). Does any of the above mentioned keyboard shortcuts is not working? Did I miss any important one ? Let me know by commenting below.
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