Nov 1, 2020

Why New Businesses In 2020 Need Content Marketing

Why New Businesses In 2020 Need Content Marketing

If someone sits down in about 80 years to write down the buzzwords of the century, content marketing will be one of them. Considering the number of benefits and the number of businesses and marketers using it, there is little doubt about it being the top marketing methods available today. 

However, the story does not end there. The main reason why it has been so successful compared to traditional marketing methods is because of its nature. It does not need you to be a major business who can afford TV commercials, billboard ads, posters, and newspaper classified ads.

All it needs you to do is understand its core, aka the content. While there are various types of content going around the internet these days, the primary type is always text. The aura of blogs and articles helps businesses garner audiences towards their names. Moreover, it also helps them establish credibility as experts in their particular field. However, if you are still on the edge about content marketing and why your business needs it, then this article is meant to help you with it. By carefully picking out the most intriguing offerings it has, let us understand why you need it in 2020 and beyond.


If you are just getting started and your business is fairly new, say a year old? Then your primary concern is that of budget. Your money is tied up with most of your business dealings. Your production requires your utmost attention. You do not have any marketing experts on board. What do you do? The possibilities of failures seem immense. However, that is not the case with content marketing. IT does not require you to spend anything out of proportion to get started. Besides buying a domain name for your blog and website, all you need to do is outsource content creation. One of the many reasons why freelancers offer these services is because of new businesses. If that does not work for you, then make sure you make just enough time per week to make enough content. As result, it does not only come cheap but also helps you find the right marketing type for you.

Variety Of Types

Speaking of types, you may wonder which one is right for you? Do you need to make a video? Do you need a lot of data charts and infographics in your content? While those are always good to have, you do not necessarily need them to get started. According to an expert of Wikipedia Page Creation Service, all you need is a viable strategy and enough understanding of your market to get started. If you are writing content, then make sure you learn some basic copywriting skills. However, if you already have those, then you can use a variety of types at your disposal. These are:

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Forums
  • Platforms like Medium
  • Social media

If those are not cutting it for you, then you can always make a leap forward to YouTube, Podcasts et cetera. The point is, a variety of types make the possibilities immense.

Multiple Platforms

If you are worried about finding the right platform for you. The good news is, that you can try as many as you like. From a website to a blog, to a streaming website to podcasts. As mentioned previously, various types on various platforms have their own benefits. While as a start, you should focus on a website and a blog more, you can always make leaps towards other types of content. However, the first thing you should do is understand which platform is doing well for you. If a blog does it, like for many others, then make sure you are focused on that. Focusing on one type has many benefits. Such as your KPIs, aka key performance indicators. Which means you are giving your audience exactly what they are looking for.

High SEO Ranks

Let us keep it simple with this one. If you need to garner your audience, then you need SEO. It is the act of search engine optimization, where you optimize your content in order to ensure it shows up in SERP aka search engine page results. By optimizing headlines, using keywords et cetera, you can make sure your content reaches your audience. However, without a proper content marketing strategy, the chances of you being able to pull that off are slim. That is why you need to make sure your content is optimized for SEO and your content strategy warrants you to do it.

Cultivates Customer Loyalty

One of the most important things in online marketing is ensuring your audience stays hooked to your business. While it does not come as simple or as easy as it sounds, there are certain steps you can take to stay ahead of your competition. One of the things about content marketing is that it requires you to be an expert in your field to make viable content. Without doing that, you cannot compel your audience. However, if you can, then that is good for you. Because the more expertise you portray in your content, the more chances you will have of keeping your customers loyal to you. All you need to do is make sure your content strategy warrants you to create compelling content while portraying your knowledge of your industry.


One of the initial things you do in content, a strategy is to make a content marketing goal. Without this goal, you are going to go around in circles. That is why you need to make sure your marketing is objective-centric. The primary benefit of doing so is that while you can always achieve your goals, it pushes you to the next level. Therefore, if you achieve a certain goal regarding content, then you can always shift your objective to a new one. Initially, if you want to attract a new audience, then that is your marketing objective at the start. However, as you move forward, your goals may look like these:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher retention rates
  • More sales

Those are just a few examples of how your goals might look after your marketing strategy takes off. Therefore, make sure you are constantly adapting and changing your goals.

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