Aug 27, 2020

How to Create a Successful App in 2020


2020 will see further expansion of the app phenomenon. Applications that can perform any activity, from those dedicated to entertainment to get to the latest generation that even allows payment at the best equipped stores. The most downloaded can make the fortune of those who designed them or allow a swirling business growth. Relying on the right web agency to create your app would be essential for its success in 2020.

What must be done to create a successful app in 2020?

We have compiled 7 steps that will be fundamental for the success of your app in 2020:

1- You need a good idea

Everything starts from a good idea and apps don't escape this principle. You have to ask yourself a series of questions and understand why a person should download it and, above all, continue to use it. It takes a lot of information to understand how it can stimulate potential buyers. Trying to identify with the user's decision-making process is very important.

2- Choose the ideal business model

The second fundamental step is to choose the business model that can support the idea economically. According to the latest studies, about 90% of market revenues go to 10% of apps. The potential pie is therefore enormous, but few reach it. There are three ways:

·         Create a paid app.

·         Create a free one with advertising.

·         Make one free download but with purchases inside.

3- The indispensable elements in the development phase

The development phase is crucial: you need to make sure that there are all the elements that make an app like Uber effective. Which ones are they? They must have full integration with social networks, have push notifications, and have geolocation and the ability to leave reviews or ratings. One of the secrets of an app's success lies in its lightness, that is, the download must be almost immediate, otherwise the user will already start with a negative judgment.

4- Offer an optimal user experience

Another key to a successful app passes through a happy user experience. Using the app must be engaging, simple and must give something to the user. It must entertain or perform the task for which it was created in a pleasant way.

5- Respect the guidelines of Apple and Google

If you want to be distributed in the stores, you need to comply with the rules of the major distributors. The Apple and Google guidelines offer generic design cues and platform specific cues. The latter are of fundamental importance to create an interface for users as familiar as possible.

6- Create a brand

To stand out among the many proposals and deserve a place in the ranking of stores, you need an app with clear communication: what it is for, who it is mainly aimed at, what values ​​it embraces. This is why naming is essential: in one or two words, the usefulness and style of the app must be summarized. The logo must be studied in order to stylize the brand it wants to represent.

7- Make it known quickly

To make downloads exponential, you need to get to the Ios and Android platforms by talking about yourself and gaining authority. In this, the support of a good web agency can really make a difference. We need quality press releases, public relations with industry blogs, influencer marketing and above all social networks.

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