Jul 16, 2020

11 Reasons Why 80% Of Student Pilots Drop Out Of Training

11 Reasons Why 80% Of Student Pilots Drop Out Of Training

According to research conducted by General Aviation News and AOPA, 80 percent of trainee pilots drop out of pilot school before you get their pilot’s certification. Sure, learning to fly a plane and becoming a pilot is a daunting task. Students not only find it time-consuming, but they also find it takes a lot of hard work and determination to become a certified pilot, which they usually lack. So, what is causing these student pilots to quit so frequently these days? In this article today, we will share with you 11 reasons why 80 percent of student pilots drop out of pilot training schools. These 11 reasons are listed as follows;

Lack Of A Structured Training Program

No student wants to enter a pilot school that has no easy and clear path towards their goal. Students often wonder what their next course will cover. Students occasionally have to tell their instructors what they want to accomplish a specific day of school. This model of education is a poor one for students who have no prior aviation experience. It sometimes leads to confusion. It causes students to drop out before their training starts.

Lack Of Finances

pilot training school costs a lot of money. Not everyone can afford to become a pilot these days. It is one of the main reasons why students drop out of pilot school. If you are someone who is not able to afford pilot school a the current moment, a good idea would be to save up some money beforehand., so you know that you will be able to fund your training.

Medical Issues

It is true that not having the required medical certificates can hold you back from becoming a successful pilot. If you experience such a problem, a good idea would be to set up a meeting with an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). They will help you find ways to find solutions that are acceptable in the eyes of the FAA for you to have an exception when it comes to a medical.

Bad Flight Instructions

It is something that most of the students at pilot training have faced once in their life. Maybe the instructor isn't motivated enough, or you are having difficulty getting along with him. It can make you feel demoralized, causing you to drop out of pilot school eventually. A good idea would be to switch instructors, if possible.

Issues With Checkride

Having issues with your check-ride isn't a great experience at all. It sometimes leaves the student unmotivated and demoralized, causing them to drop out eventually. Whenever you head into a checkride you should be fully prepared. Switch instructors if it is possible, or take flight instructions from someone that isn't your primary instructor.

A Lack Of Goals

Why do you want to become a pilot? Have you ever asked that question from yourself? When students don't have a clear goal, they end up quitting it before it picks up pace. It becomes hard to stay motivated at all times when you don't have a clear target.

Not Enjoying The Flying Experience

Flying is not all about getting lessons or going on check rides. Most students enroll in flying school because they have a passion for flying. However, the problems that exist at a flight training school cause them to lose that passion, and they end up dropping out. Don’t let these problems affect your love for flying. A good idea would be to go on a trip to your favorite location or plan a trip that involves flying to some other country with your family.

Instructors Don’t Let You Fly Solo

Your flight instructor might be the main reason you are not flying solo right now. They will find all sorts of reasons not to let fly by yourself. Maybe the instructor needs more rent money, or he does not want to stop a constant flow of cash he is getting by giving you flight instructions. Flying solo is not only about having the confidence of taking flight by yourself, but it also based on the role of your flight instructor plays. It is a good idea to find an instructor that is honest and transparent. Sure, you might not get the instructor you want when you first enroll in flight school. However, give it some time, and you will surely find what you are looking for.

Flying Is Harder Than It Looks

It is something that is unavoidable for students. Most students enroll themselves in pilot school because it makes them feel glamourous, or the experience feels adventurous. But, when the time comes to get in the plane and fly it, then the story changes. Learning to fly a plane is hard work and requires a student to put in countless hours of training. Students, who enroll in pilot school just for the glitz and glamour, find it hard to cope up with the training, end up dropping out.

Problems With Airsickness

Every person has a different tolerance level when it comes to air sickness. Students that have never been on a plane are the ones who experience the most airsickness. They develop a fear of getting inside a plane and eventually drop out due to this reason.

They Don't Make Pilot School A Priority

It is simple, if you don't give something the priority it demands from you, You will definitely fail at it. The same is the case with pilot training. If you always have an excuse for being late to the airport, then chances are you will end up dropping out when you run out of excuses. 

To Conclude

Pilot training involves a lot of hard work and dedication. If you want to become a certified pilot, you need to put in the required hours and get to the airport on time and with a positive attitude. If you have a positive attitude about something, only then you will enjoy doing it. Today, we have shared with you 11 reasons why 80 percent of students drop out of training. So, it is a good idea you consider them and avoid them if you want to earn your very own pilot certificate.

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