Feb 24, 2020

Top 5 tips to troubleshoot your iPad issues in no time

Top 5 tips to troubleshoot your iPad issues in no time

Apple being the industry specialist has a lineup of advanced products including iPhones, iMacs, iPads and so on. It has a collection of high-end devices that holds a reputation to allow the company to excel in the market. However, this does not mean that the products do not have any issues.

The most commonly reported issue faced by users is on iPads. These are used for multiple purposes. Businesses; where it is used vastly in events. IPads are preferred to be rented by rental companies such as Hire Tablets. For personal use iPads are always purchased at full price. Regardless of the mode of use, with passing time you may face issues that are common among all iPad users who have been using their iPads for long.

This is because technological devices are sure to glitch as time passes. Hence, no matter how big a Brand name is it will depreciate with time in terms of not only the cost but also the mechanical and software attributes.

In case of issues that are not big of a deal, it is better to fix these on our own. This will save us from heavy costs that come from getting technological device repair and service shops. Hence, to facilitate iPad user with solutions to troubleshoot their device themselves below are a few ways:

1) Hanged / Frozen screen

The frozen screen is a very common issue that arises on an iPad. The screen freezes restricting users to use the touchpad. This happens because of certain applications that are present in iPads. You can solve this issue by recalling applications that have been creating issues.

You can try to fix this by switching your iPad off and then on again. This is the very first thing you can do first. Another way is to hold the power button and the home button for 10 seconds. This will restart your iPad. As soon as you see the Apple logo it means the problem has been resolved.

2) In case your iPad is not charging 

There are times when your iPad does not work indicating that your iPad has an issue getting charged. This does not mean that we instantly assume that there is an issue with the device itself, it can also be the accessory.

The data cable you are using can be an issue. Hence you need to check if the cable is working or not. It is advised to use a charging adapter with a cable directly into the socket to avoid such issues.

In other cases, the pc you are using your data cable is the issue. Highlighting again to use an adapter instead, to solve this you can;

Try to use another data cable with an adapter.

Try to go on an airplane mode.

3) Your iPad does not respond to the touch

If you are facing an issue on your touch screen such as having issues using touch. In this case, you need to clean the screen as dust or oil may have blocked the surface of the iPad screen. 

You can use a slightly damp cloth to clean the surface of your iPad. However, do make sure that your iPad is fully shut off while you clean. 

4) Wi-Fi issue in your iPad

There are times when an iPad user faces an issue whenever connecting Wi-Fi. A common reason for this issue is that the Wi-Fi is not turned on, hence you need to go the settings and check again if it is connected or not. In case that is not the issue then you must try the following solution to troubleshoot it further;

Turn your Wi-Fi network off along with your router and then turn both on together. This is a very common practice and usually solves the issue.

Verify if it is the Wi-Fi you are using is the issue or the iPad. You can do this by connecting your iPad to another network. Another reason may be that your Wi-Fi software is not updated. Hence, get your Wi-Fi updated to use it.

If your Wi-Fi still does not work then you may contact Apple to solve the issue.

5) Frequent battery drainage

You may be frustrated if your iPad frequently drains the battery. This may not always be addressed to the battery to be weak.

There are a lot of things you can to save your battery a few of these are;

Lower your iPad brightness BY TURNING OFF Auto brightness.

Change your notification settings to show preview only when unlocked.

You can use your iPad speakers instead of headphones


IPads are extremely expensive. In case when there is an issue we may rush to Apple service providers for help where we can get our iPads fixed. Apple stores are undoubtedly experts in handling iPad issues and repair services. 

These issues may be a total screen repair, esthetical damage, the device to not turn on. However, in cases when an issue can be fixed easily by ourselves it is better to avoid heavy costs of Apple services.

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