Dec 16, 2019

Salient features of Vidmate Apk download

Salient features of Vidmate Apk download

It is no wonder that videos are so popular in this era. Videos carry engaging content that gives the exact idea of what is happening. Because of the videos being so entertaining and engaging in nature, people of all ages like it. It is also very convenient to spread it all over across various platforms, download it from the internet for various uses like education, marketing, entertainment, etc.

However, while downloading from the internet, you should be careful enough about the source and the process itself. This can be ensured by using a trustworthy video downloader application or app. Vidmate video downloader is one of the most downloaded apps for this purpose. In this article, we will discuss the salient features of the Vidmate app.

Salient features of Vidmate app:

v  Vidmate Apk download allows you to download multiple files at the same time.
v  The AI of this app is smart enough to identify the copied links.
v  Vidmate apk can perform in various regional languages.
v  This app requires only 13mb for storage and hence it is quite suitable for low storage devices too.
v  With the help of android emulators, Vidmate can be installed in low RAM devices also.
v  AI keeps monitoring the users browse history and gives suggestion to them accordingly.
v  It is a quite user-friendly app which allows the users to pause, play and download during the whole download session.
v  It also facilitates to download mp3 songs on its separate page.
v  The app is absolutely free and does not ask for any app purchase charges.
v  This app allows the users to download the videos from the various media websites.
v  It allow the users to surf more than 150 platforms and one can download high or low-quality videos from 3gp to 4k.

Some additional advantages of Vidmate app:

Best for downloading YouTube videos

It is the best downloader for YouTube videos. A user can download videos from YouTube in any quality and format. It has an additional feature which supports the mp3 format. You can download the video songs into mp3 format and your video song will be converted automatically into an audio song. It enables you to download any YouTube video up to 4K. This app has also an inbuilt audio and video player, which allows you to play the audio and video files there itself.

Best for sharing videos through Whatsapp status

Nowadays people share their happy moments on Whatsapp as a status. If you are more involved in video sharing, like that on Whatsapp, then Vidmate is the best app for you. Apart from downloading regular videos from websites, Vidmate apk allows you to download the videos from Whatsapp status of other persons too. Vidmate gives you the ease to access the viral meme and photos on Whatsapp also.


Vidmate apk download is a third party app which is very useful for android devices to download videos from various websites including YouTube videos and videos from Whatsapp statues, as well. This kind of facility for video download is not much available and that’s why this app is quite popular and used extensively.

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