Nov 11, 2019

Innovation and sustainability, the new criteria of the new real estate projects

Innovation and sustainability, the new criteria of the new real estate projects

Innovation is a fundamental element that allows the real estate sector to continue growing and expanding horizons. The new profiles of users who want to buy homes lead us to offer new solutions and anticipate the needs of customers, with flexibility as a fundamental business premise.
This is important since the criteria when buying a home are changing. We must be aware that currently the demands of the users are established according to the trends and social awareness of the moment so that users seek different solutions to the traditional market. 
One of them is the concern for the energy sustainability of housing, a trend that seeks homes where new technologies play an important role in favor of efficiency. And it is that the new owners, in addition to looking for a controlled supply bill, see in the environmental criteria a desirable requirement when purchasing a home.
According to the European directive, as of 2019, all public buildings of new construction must be of practically zero consumption and, a year later, new buildings of private ownership. This makes users who are going to choose a new home to take into account, not only the laws but the impact they will generate on the environment with the use of the same at a time when environmental awareness charges more and more important. 
In addition, sustainable housing produces significant savings and is a differentiating element for real estate in Dubai. Today, energy excellence and housing are two sides of the same coin. You can follow the standards and get the right home. But you can also go one step further by offering a 100% sustainable and differential home.
On the other hand, new technologies and, in particular, the development of Internet Of Things (IoT) solutions applied to the real estate sector are another of the elements that define this moment of change in the demand criteria. This trend lies in applying new technologies for the benefit of the user. That is, simplify the conditions of the environment to increase business opportunities in the real estate market, although in Dubai there is still a long way to go. In this sense, IoT devices can be installed in any element of the house to provide the user with information regarding them, for example, with automatic switching on and off of lights or automatic temperature regulation. 
In short, the preferences of the end customer are constantly changing. The factors that concern society in general and, therefore, our end customers, such as sustainability or efficient resource management, are also reflected in their housing purchase criteria. As agents of the real estate sector, we must be able to give consumers a final product according to their new needs and know how to adapt to the frantic pace at which our society advances.

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