Oct 7, 2019

Best Tricks to Clear Documents and Data From Your iPhone

Best Tricks to Clear Documents and Data From Your iPhone

iPhone storage full? Then just follow our tricks to find out what is occupying storage on your iPhone

In the article, you will see How  Apple has done a lot of things like recently to try to offset storage issueson the iPhone. You can use iCloud to store data like full-resolution photos while keeping only smaller versions on your iPhone and offload apps that you don't use very often.

Every time your iPhone become so slow that you want to smash it, you can always try to clean your iPhone  storage to boost high speed When you check for the storage space taken by the apps on iPhone/iPad, you may be surprised by something called "Documents & Data" on the iPhone, which takes a lot of storage on your devices, sometimes even bigger than the app itself. Do you know how to cleardocuments and data on the iPhone?

So what are this mysterious "Documents and Data" on the iPhone? How to delete documents and data on the iPhone? Continue to read and find the answer.

However, most people will still run into a point where their device will politely advise that they simply can't cram any more selfies or other media on it. At this point, most of us will start deleting photos, videos, and apps, as these usually take up the majority of storage space on our device.

Just like “Other”, “Documents & Data” is taking up a large amount of disk space on your iPhone if you use the apps very much. It becomes quite annoying when you don’t know how to release more storage to install new apps or upgrade to new iOS version, especially when the available storage of your iPhone is not enough.

Before you figure out a way to get rid of documents and data from your iPhone, you need to understand what really is “Document & Data”.

What is “Documents & Data” on iPhone

Document & Data on iPhone is junks files, browser history, cookies, logs, caches of photos and videos, download files, database and document files stored by your apps. You’ll notice that some apps while being very small themselves have accumulated a lot of data. An example of this is shown in the image below, you see that the Twitter app is 106.3 MB whereas the Documents & Data stored is 833.9 MB. And the Vimeo app is 53.3 MB whereas the Documents & Data stored is 768.6 MB. Those document & Data makes the apps bigger and bigger.

The Best Method Suggested By Our DigitalAndrodis Team Let’s download software to do the whole things

Many iPhone users choose the second solution to delete Documents and Data on their apps, but uninstalling and reinstalling the app is not the best option sometimes. There is a risk that it may delete some important documents and data you need. With the help of  you can backup all document and data and then delete the documents and data on iPhone without deleting the app itself.
Before clearing out Documents & Data from your device, you need to download iPhone cleaner to resolve this problem.
Also can find iPhone warranty status and check your IMEI Number
Steps must follow to clear the junk and unwanted data for your iPhone
Steps must follow to clear the junk and unwanted data for your iPhone
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and run iPhone cleaner on your PC/Mac…
Step 2: Click the One-Click-Copy tab to backup your iPhone data….
Step 3: If you are using the old iOS version, choose the App Cleaner tab and click the start button, it will start scanning…
Step 4: After the scanning has completed, Remove documents and data from your iPhone by clicking the…
Step 5: If you are using the new iOS version, choose the Privacy Clean tab and click the start button, it will start scanning….
Step 6: After the scanning has completed, click "Remove all selected items" to complete the cleanup process…..

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