Oct 19, 2019

8 Different ways to Increase your Website Traffic

If you ask a businessman or marketer that what he wants, he would most likely answer more sales. This indirectly means more clients, and it's only possible through more traffic on his/her website. There are many paid and unpaid ways to increase the traffic to the site. However, quality traffic always wins the race. To begin with, the motive of every business person should be to derive a qualified visitor that can turn into a potential customer and a customer subsequently.

In this blog, we have curated several ways that can help you derive significant traffic to your website.
 Unpaid Ways to Boost Website Traffic:

1. Get Google My Business Account
Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that helps you to efficiently manage how your business or website appears on Google local search & maps. You can add your business name, location, and all other details that a potential customer would require. If it has all the essential information, the user might visit your website and contact you soon. 
In this way, you can garner more traffic that too without investing.

2. On-page SEO
Also known as on-page optimization, On-page SEO plays a crucial role in your website performance. Several SEO measures can derive more lead to your website and improve its ranking. Onpage SEO includes Meta title, description, and overall high-quality website content for your target audience, and necessary changes on every page of the website. This practice might be free, but it takes time to show you effective results.

The key to achieving big numbers is a user-friendly website that has a direct call of action so that your audience knows what they are supposed to do next. Many domain provider companies, such as BigRock, also provide SEO services. You can use coupon code for BigRock while buying your domain and avail all the extra services for free.

3. Build High-Quality Backlinks
A backlink is one of the SEO practices through which you get visitors on your website via different sites. This will not only help your business drive more traffic but will also lead to qualified lead that more chances to convert as a customer.

Moreover, if the renowned websites provide your backlinks, Google might select your backlink and could be best than getting a backlink from Google itself. This will increase your online presence and credibility. But you have to be smart enough to pick the best and trusted websites that are ready to give you a backlink for free. You can even resort to guest blogging to increase organic traffic.

4. Social Media Posts
Your social media post, if done with an appropriate strategy, can prove to be bliss for your website and business in the long run. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are ideal for promoting your blog posts. You can even post carousals and appealing infographics that describe best about your website and business key areas regularly.

Use hashtags that relate your business best. Hashtags can increase your reach and network. By doing so, there are higher chances of converting your social media audience into your website visitors

5. Email Marketing
Email marketing is another way to get a hike in your website traffic. Send newsletters regularly to your audience or people who have subscribed to your site. This is an ideal way to stay in touch with your potential customers. Share insightful details with them or send them an invite in case you’re going to introduce a new product or a service or even a new showroom.

 The idea behind email marketing is to inform your audience about your products & services to attract them on your website. Do not bombard your audience with too many promotional activities and newspaper; this can lead them to unsubscribe from your platform.
Besides, all the above-listed ways work on analytics to increase your website traffic.

Paid Ways to Boost Website Traffic:

6. Google Ads
Google ads is an online paid platform that allows you to advertise your content on a different platform. You can track your ads and accordingly work on it to generate more views and traffic. You can even pay Google for showing your particular landing page on the top for specific keywords. To get a prime slot in the search engine, the relevancy of your content and amount bid on the particular keywords has an important role. Paid search results get more views. 
Through Google Ads, you can publish your ads in the form of content, video, pictures, etc. on different sites and other platforms that have high reach.

7.  Display Advertising
Display advertising is a promotional activity. For display advertising, you need to contact a relevant website that can show your ads. This will help your business to gain more credibility and generate traffic. One thing that marketers must do is detailed research of a particular website they are aiming to put their ads on. This will help them to know whether the specific site is genuine or not, does it has visibility, target audience, and relevancy to your business.

8. Retargeting Ads
Retargeting ads are those ads that your audience has already seen. These ads are placed on a website or social media marketing. The motive behind these ads is to influence the audience time and again to revisit your site. This will help you know whether the audience is serious or are simply browsing around.

The more your website has traffic, the more your business has chances for growth. It can help you to know more about your target audience and improve your strategy. If the leads are genuine, the conversion rate would be higher, and thus, you will have more consumers, which are a boon for your business. From optimizing SEO to paid advertising, there are various ways to increase your website traffic.

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