Jul 27, 2019

Best iPhone App Cleaners That Boost Performance And Speed

Best iPhone App Cleaners That Boost Performance And Speed 

Like in computers, mobile devices also accumulate several unwanted and needless files. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are more powerful tools/devices in accessing the internet for 24 hours.

Therefore, they sometimes store useless data and remnants of apps that works when connected to the internet. Moreover, this trash slows down your device and decreases the performance.

For Android mobile phones, it is quite common to store these trash. But, nowadays, the iPhone is also not so far. Hence, this article is about iPhone app cleaners which delete the unwanted files permanently and keeps your device performance high.

Deleting caches, redundant files, temporary files, junk files, and cookies are a few best ways to clean and optimize Apple’s smartphone and tablets (iPad). However, if you manually start looking for such files, then it is going to take days and days for you to clean your iPhone properly.

Thus, the iPhone cleanup tools, the best iPhone cleaners clean your device for stopping its slow and sluggish performance.

Many mobile application development companies in the USA, mainly hire iPhone developers because there the usage of iPhone is more. Thus, creating such app cleaners keeps their revenue high and make them competitive.

So, let’s go deep and take a look at the top 5 iPhone app cleaners to enhance your device’s performance and speed. Also, these cleaners free up space and delete all unwanted files in a way that they never leave a trace to come back into your device.

Go to your Apple’s iPhone store and download each app, test them, and finally choose the one you want to use forever.

Below is a brief description of our five selected best iPhone app cleaners.

iMyfone Umate

iMyfone Umate is a software made to clean iPhone by removing more than 30 types of unnecessary files. It executes data compression and free 75% memory space by deleting duplicate, corrupted, and junk files.

By permanent deletion, it frees up space and increases the storage speed to save more pictures, music, videos, and other multimedia files. iMyfone Umate helps you accomplish your device’s storage space with 8-16 GB. A few other features of iMyfone Umate:

  • Clear temporary files from iOS devices.
  • Takes a backup of each and every file to use in case of recovery.
  • Remove unused apps to generate huge spaces.

PhoneClean - Best Tested!

iPhones are more potent because they can execute several tasks like removing useless data, cookies, and remnants of iOS applications like iTunes, which sometimes generate files when the sync is not complete.

It is one of the best tested and useful applications with the best UI/UX interface. Also, it is efficient and capable of recovering the right amount of space. It is an effective example of iPhone app cleaner, which never leaves files behind.

Miraculously frees up a lot of space! A few other features of PhoneClean App Cleaner:

  •  Clean junk files, fix errors, optimize the performance with a single click.
  • Comprehensive personal data protection.
  • No jailbreak, 100% safe and efficient.
  •  It supports all Apple devices.

Wondershare SafeEraser

Wondershare SafeEraser is prioritized to protect your very personal - private information. It’s a tool that properly cleans unwanted data in the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

I find it as the most promising application that entirely clears junk files, duplicates files, and erases all data such that the files and data never trace back to your iPhone.

It is modern, beautiful, and asks for permission before erasing anything. The compression of photos, images, and the feature to delete files and data permanently are its best features. It’s a worthful app that must be downloaded to erase data, history, and files.

A few other features of Wondershare SafeEraser:

  • Speed up the device and boost performance after deleting junk files.
  • Clear your private data (if required) to free up space.


If your iPhone or iPad is not performing like the way it should be, then you need a program to optimize your operating system. Optimizing gives you a chance to correct a few configurations while cleaning up the junk files.

iFreeUp is an interesting tool which easily performs optimization. To use it, first install it in your computers, then connect your device to the computer and open the program iFreeUp.

The software thoroughly diagnoses your device and starts removing files that are corrupt, junk, and unnecessary. Other features which iFreeUp performs consistently are:

  • On a single click, it deletes 3rd part apps cache and cookies.
  • Delete duplicate and junk files of multimedia apps. 
  • It shreds every deleted file from your iPhone to prevent privacy leak.


If you don’t have p[atience to search for every bad and corrupt file in your iPhone, then  CleanMyPhone apps will do the job for you. It exclusively recovers more space on your Apple device to ensure better performance and faster speed.

By removing all useless files safely from your device, it helps you play games correctly and increase the speed of all multimedia apps. If there are any partially downloaded files, then it takes your permission whether to delete or not.

Protecting your privacy is also the priority of this app. And it does this by cleaning cookies, keeping your data safe, preventing data leaks, and personal information secret. Hence call it as a total security app for your iPhone is not a wrong thing.

A few other features of CleanMyPhone:

  • Runs your device smoothly and keeps your storage space safe.
  • Take backups and create files and keep data safe.

Overall, these five best iPhone app cleaners will surely clean up your any Apple device to increase the storage space, and the performance. Which one app are you planning to use for your iPhone? Don’t forget to mention in the comment section below.


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