Aug 17, 2021

9 Advanced PHP Tips For PHP Developer

9 Advanced PHP Tips For PHP Developer

PHP web development is not an easy task and especially being a full-fledged PHP developer. PHP Web Development, in general, involves the use of scripting language to develop applications and websites. 

The rise in demand and penetration of the internet-based economy has made these Web developers one of the most demanded professionals in the service sector.  There is a high demand from various MNC, small companies, businesses, start-ups, and firms for these professionals.

However not all PHP developers make the cut. To be in hunt one needs to learn various new and advanced features tips and tricks. This would help you to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd.

Well if you are a beginner or a professional PHP web developer and want to know about some of the advanced PHP tips and tricks then you are on the right page. Stop wondering as we are going to discuss the best 9 Advanced PHP tips that every PHP developer must know. So take a look, folks.

Turn On Error Reporting Feature
Error reporting in PHP framework and website is the best feature for a developer. This feature will highlight the simple errors when you code. As a result of this, you would be able to rectify the error then and there rather than extending the detection of it at the later stages.
Replace If Else

We would recommend you to try and use ternary operator instead of if-else. The ternary operator is much better, saves times and have shorter syntax. Once you learn how to properly use ternary operator then you are going to prefer it over if-else.

Make Use Of PDO
Today everyone uses PHP7 and the time of my SQL for managing databases is long gone. Now with PHP, you can make use of PDO to manage your databases and easily connect with a wide of databases to create a project.

Use Single Quotation
In PHP you can use a quotation instead of double. This not only decreases the typing time but also increases the program functionality on the server.

Improve URLs
The .htaacess file is the one that can be optimized to make the URLs a lot more SEO friendly and readable. By making changes to this file you can perform redirections and clean up URLs.

Using Switch

When we are performing server-based coding is important that we make our code smaller, functional and quickly executable. Using if-else statement for server-based coding is not recommended as they occupy a lot of server memory thus making the code slower. You can use a switch statement instead of if-else, switch occupies less memory and makes the code execute faster.

isset() Function

It is important that you learn what isset() function is, where it is operated and what does it return. So the isset() function is operated on variables and returns a boolean value that is true or false based on whether the variable is null or not.

Write Self-Documenting Code

Most of the developers use PHP when they need to work on really big projects. And with big projects come thousands of lines of codes. In this code, it is important that you understand and remember each and every variable that you declare. A simple mistake in a variable name can produce an unavoidable error. So we recommend you to write code that is self-explanatory. For instance, if you assigning a variable for a name, then instead of using a single character variable name try to use the “name” as a variable. It will be a lot easier to remember and you won't make a mistake typing such a simple spelling. You optimize the whole code this way to make it more readable and self-explanatory.

Forget file_get_contents() Function

Although this is a very useful function which is used to import files from various other servers. However, it does take its toll on the computer. So you can use cURL function, which might be not as easy to use however is every effective and efficient.

Encrypting Passwords

Security and safety are important for any website. You can keep your files and data secure by encrypting your password by using a simple command in every PHP 5.5 plus versions.

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