Jun 22, 2019

Use QuickBooks Conversion tool to Convert QuickBooks Company Files

Use QuickBooks Conversion tool to Convert QuickBooks Company Files

Amongst many nice benefits and options of QuickBooks, there's a QuickBooks Conversion tool that enables you to convert your company file from a special program. The Conversion tool performs this complicated action with none information security compromises. 

for example, you'll convert Quicken 2017 to QuickBooks Desktop Pro or premier 2018/QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 18.0 via QuickBooks conversion tool. If you will face any kind of problem during the conversion process you can contact QuickBooks phone number. They will solve your problem within minutes.

There are many nice options and usages of the QuickBooks Conversion tool. this text can concentrate on these aspects.

QuickBooks Conversion tool features

Some of the most effective options of QuickBooks Conversion tool square measure listed below:

  • The tool helps call at the setup method to convert QuickBooks files.
  • It will import your knowledge from the new ‘QuickBooks Company ’
  • It doesn't modification your current/existing knowledge files.
  • No knowledge security compromises whereas conversion
  • Describes this state of the business
  • Gives you an option to import lists. you'll be able to also list and balances and historical dealings.
  • Creates a log file throughout the conversion method to stay records.

Limitations of QuickBooks Conversion tool

There are sure limitations concerning commerce business knowledge, transaction, and account balances from completely different money code into QuickBooks. However, it will convert the worker list info that has social insurance variety, and conjointly the Payroll account book a/c balance data.

Paycheck, Payroll item, Individual worker wage, job cost accounting, fastened plus things work tickets, estimates, Purchase Orders, etc. are other things that QuickBooks Conversion tool cannot convert.

System needs for QuickBooks Conversion Tool

Below listed are the system needs for QuickBooks Conversion tool.

  • QuickBooks is correctly put in and registered (Required for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise solutions 2014 or higher).
  • Microsoft Small Business Administration 2006, Peachtree (version 2001 or later), or MS workplace Accounting 2008 should be properly put in.
  • Operating System- Windows scene, XP, Windows 7, 8 or 10.
  • A 512 MB RAM or bigger
  • .NET 2.0 framework ought to be put in.

How to Use QuickBooks Conversion Tool?

Remember, to ascertain and make sure that QuickBooks is put in, registered and authorized before you begin mistreatment the “QuickBooks Conversion Tool”. it's also necessary to confirm that either Peachtree or Microsoft code (that is that the application of the file to be converted) is justifiedly put in on your laptop.

Hence, no a lot of delays, let’s begin the method.

  • Double click on the QuickBooks Conversion Tool application and open it
  • Now choose one possibility out of – my very own company or My consumer company.
  • Now choose your accounting code from the drop-down box from that, you're changing
  • Select Next
  • Choose the ‘company file’ and press Next to proceed
  • Now select your QuickBooks product and choose wherever the corporate file is saved.
  • And, press ‘Next’ to continue
  • Now choose conversion level as per the listor list solely
  • Select NEXT
  • Select Accounting preferences as per the date & name, and click on Next
  • Now check your details and check if there are any errors.
  • Click the beginning button
  • It will take it slow to finish, captivated with the file size, and you'll see the list of conversions.
  • Press end

Note: Another necessary purpose to notice is that, if your knowledge is already within the QuickBooks Format then you are doing not need a special conversion tool to convert your knowledge.

How to Convert Quicken to QuickBooks


  • Use this conversion tool if you're wanting to convert Quicken 2012 to QuickBooks Desktop 2018/QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 18.0.
  • Use the Conversion tool inside QuickBooks if you’re changing from Quicken 2018 to QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

Moreover, to expertise the required QuickBooks Conversion tool, you wish an updated QuickBooks Support and record to the newest supported version. Complete the update before you begin changing it to QuickBooks.

Hopefully, you have converted the software needed perfectly and properly guided above.

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