May 17, 2019

Top 5 Most Demanded Features of iOS 12 on iPhones

Top 5 Most Demanded Features of iOS 12 on iPhones 

Features that You were Waiting for a Long Time

Hello, guys, this article is all about iOS 12 new features that recently released by Apple at WWDC in their announcement. This Apple software is made available for iPhone 5S and higher. It might be the last and final software update for iPhone 5S because of its internal limitations. 

Well, Apple announces much more about updates about their products but definitely, the biggest announcement that I think is an update for iPhones that was lagging, eating batteries, and getting slower on iOS 11.3. 

I usually talked about android new features in my blogs but now as you all know Apple the last update to iPhones was dramatically not awesome click for them, and finally they claimed to fix it up in iOS 12 update, so I thought about to write a complete review about this.

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If you think that whether you should update your iPhone to latest iOS and little curious about this then this article will surely be helpful for you to make this decision, right. The iOS 12 have a great bunch of iPhone hacks and new features. So, these are the top 5 features in iOS 12 on the iPhone.

Let’s make a few things bit clear before moving ahead, this is not the overhaul design update, you will not be getting any apparent changes in the iPhone user interface. It is just the addition of a bunch of new features that people have been looking forward to for a long time.

Grouped Notifications in iOS 12

The number one most awaited feature in the iPhone has grouped notifications finally, as an android user finally I think that’s got a goal right away. The Apple CEO receive the loudest cheer while announcing this feature, and personally, I used this and things are totally managed now in the notification panel. So, it’s actually the real deal as you expect all of your notifications from one app get grouped together. 

It can look pretty neat and organized in mannered stuff. You can also tap individually on the single app notification to view all other notifications from the same app. You can respond one by one on every notification individually. Once you have done with these you can collapse all of them in a single bar by a single tap on the top corner of each to again group together.

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So, it is a big overhaul in the notification management system in the iPhone that people were waiting for many years almost. Well, as this is a new update so it can be buggy as some time iMessage not shows messages in a single stack, or often happen with other apps such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram but will be fixed in later updates soon. So, the people waiting for this should update their iPhones to get this feature.

An Emoji

The second somehow one of the biggest headline features of the iPhone X is an emoji. As far as I know, if the most popular selling cause behind the iPhone X is an emoji. An emoji also got a refresh in this update by adding new character most common are Koala, tiger, T-rex, ghost, and also tongues for all of them. There is a tongue detection kind like snapchat has had for a while including the skull. Everyone gets a tongue isn’t that cool.

There is my emoji which will let you create any number of your own an emoji to look exactly the way you want. So, this is not a replica of yours, not the same as your hairs or nose but most possible estimation that will resemble you. You can customize the hairs, shapes, mustaches, beard, and all that kind stuff to make yourself appear the same in real or your imagination.

What I personally noted while customizing myself is the eye detection is way better than the tongue movements. The eyes give life to your emoji is a real deal. They will work in FaceTime now. There is also a little time enhance for a video that now you can do with an emoji and iMessage up to 30 seconds and also impose your lower body.

Screen Time App in iPhone

The third one you will be knowing about is the screen time. I saw something similar to this at Google I/O where it’s directly addressing how you use your phone? How much you use your phone? And possibly whether or not you’re addicted to it and cutting down that addiction.

it’s actually really most useful, what you have used most on your phone in the last couple of hours the screen has been on. You can now set limits for certain apps so if you want to make sure you only spend one hour on Instagram, you can tell it to do that. When after an hour you try to open Instagram, it will show a white screen with heading “Time Limits”. You wanted to use the app after time limit up just swipe up the screen and you are in. But actually, it’s you can say a caution for you to not be addicted to apps that aren’t useful or productive or extra time waste for you.

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I occasionally use social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others just like stuff and forget to send my important Emails many times. This feature is somehow a caution and time saver. This screen time app collects all the details of your daily usage, how many times you open the particular app, how much hours you spend on that, and how much power is used.  Which app send you the most notifications during the course. Isn’t It really a thumb up feature, Right?

The Siri Shortcuts

Siri shortcut now, to be honest, I was looking forward to some bigger improvements with the Siri. It is not bad but mainly it is not a big update according to my point of view. You people will know just what hype Apple created on this. It can be interesting for some people so you should also know this. Now Siri allows you to map any in-app action, or any command, to any phrase you want literally.

But if you go in the settings for Siri there’s a couple of demonstrations that how it works, how Siri interacts with you or you should do with her. There is the custom shortcut to check the Apple Stock price in the stocks app. That is the two-level connection. Literally, it asks you to record any sentence to open up functions just like you do in adding keyboard shortcuts.

For example, you need to chose to “show me the money” every time you ask Siri to get the information. It just opens the stocks app and shows you the information there. Siri is just co-relating or can say now integrating the internal apps to show up the results for you.

The New Built-in Measure App

Last but not least at number five is the addition of new apps. However, I mentioned in the beginning that there is not a design overhaul, right, but truly there is a big pretty design change in the stock apps. With better UI. You can take a clear look at the iBook’s App; it is now Apple books and is completely overhauled with decent new user-interface. The News app is now with modern looks as the clipboard on the android. Stocks the app is now fluent with apple news section slider from the below.

The newer app that Cupertino company have introduced with is Measure App. This is mainly an Augmented Reality kit 2.0 based app. This particular app just measures the object size, length, volume and how much tall they are. Apple said this app to be more accurate with the closer objects to the camera, but personally, I did a few tests and found this app precisely accurate.

Closer Comments

So, these were the top 5 most demanded improvements in the iOS 12, but this not the end. There is also plenty of good stuff that is actually worth an update. You can now call on FaceTime at a time with 32 peoples. The search bar is integrated into the photos ap encouraging you to use. The biggest issue on iPhone X that people were facing the wake up accidentally with power and volume button at once takes a screenshot of the screen, now it’s gone, thanks to the Apple to fix this.

The iOS 12 is super smooth buttery experience as compared to its predecessor. It is not vibrant anymore, nor laggy, and also the hanging problems are gone. Even battery performance is also good as the power management system is more genius now.

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