May 22, 2019

Steps To Write a Wikipedia Page for Ultimate Success

Steps To Write a Wikipedia Page for Ultimate Success

Writing can be hard, and when it comes to good writing, the definition of that may vary accordingly to the perceptions of a writer’s success and popularity. However, this is not the case with a writer hired to write a Wikipedia page.

Writing a Wikipedia page needs skills and time to research and write a well-composed article to be published on Wikipedia. Wikipedia writers must have written communication skills and must be able to break down complex ideas and concepts into easier and understandable paragraphs.

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Below are mentioned some steps that you can follow to become a successful Wikipedia writer.

How to be a successful Wikipedia writer

       1.     Choose A Suitable Topic

This can be a difficult job. It consists of many different topics and consists of information on many subjects. Therefore, before you choose a topic for your article, it is highly recommendable to research if Wikipedia has an entry about the topic. Don’t choose subjects which are too technical or too general. Narrow down your topic to a certain aspect, concept, or idea so you can enjoy writing something new and interesting. Make sure to have all the information you need to narrow the major concept down to different parts. For example, if you choose a topic of Global warming, you must be able to divide it in its causes, its impacts on human health and more.

        2.     Write A Stub

Before you start with the detailed version of your article, provide Wikipedia with a little information on what the main information is about. A stub in simple words is a summarized form of the topic and all the necessary headings and subheadings you will incorporate in the article.

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It should be concise and reflect the major topic of the article. You must make sure that the stub you write falls into these three categories:

  • Argumentative and persuasive
  • Expository when you are explaining a concept
  • Analytical when you present the information

Make sure that the statements you incorporate in the article are supported by references as evidence to convince the readers that you are right. 

      3.     Research Is A Necessity

This is primary to become a successful Wikipedia writer. In order to make the article credible, it is necessary that you provide proof of the claims. This is where you need to research on the information so you can support your facts. Make a rough draft of the sources, take notes, and start documenting your cites for references as per mentioned in the guidelines. Cite all the claims you make whether it’s in the form of quotes, rephrase paragraphs, or a little summary, so it doesn’t show plagiarized content.

       4.     Create The First Draft

Once you are done with documenting the citations process for references, you are ready, to begin with, your detailed article. Wikipedia writers need to follow the Wikipedia guidelines which require unbiased tone for information to be presented on Wikipedia. You must enter the required keywords in the article and site them to an external link that provides detailed information for the topic. Keep the article simple and easy to understand. One of the greatest quality of a Wikipedia writer is the ability to break c=down complex ideas using simple words and vocabulary to make it easy to understand for the reader.  Divide your topic into various subheadings and make sure that your information follows a chronological pattern.

       5.     Revise, Proofread And Edit

This is no brainer. Proofreading and revising the draft in eliminating all the unassay details and problems which could affect the information of the article. Edit the mistakes in punctuation and grammar if you find any. Evaluate arguments and ask other editors and experts to review the information. Most importantly, you must see if your information abides by the Wikipedia guidelines in order to eliminate the chance of getting deleted. 

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