May 24, 2019

How to Design Your eCommerce Website To Improve Sales

How to Design Your eCommerce Website To Improve Sales

The popularity of e-commerce platforms is on the rise. Consumers prefer to shop online because of the convenience it provides. Many businesses have developed e-commerce platforms to cater to consumers. Internet service providers like Spectrum in Maine e-commerce platforms for consumers. Some platforms are more advanced. Some offer more product options.

Your platform should be designed with the consumer in mind. Try to make your platform as efficient as possible. Additionally, it always helps use friendly colors and images. Making your platform easy on the eyes helps makes users more likely to visit and browse your platform.

Here are 10 ways you can improve your e-commerce platform design to increase sales.

10 Things You Can Do to Improve Sales on Your E-commerce Website

  • 1.     Integrate Systems to Discourage Abandonment
  • 2.     Use Clear Formats and Call to Actions
  • 3.     Use Analytics Efficiently
  • 4.     Keep Shopping Methods Simple
  • 5.     Promote Your Security
  • 6.     Recommend More Products
  • 7.     Provide Shipping
  • 8.     Promote Consumer Reviews

#1. Integrate Systems to Discourage Abandonment

Once the consumer starts adding things to their cart, do not think that you have made the sale. You still have a long way to go. Baymard Institute conducted 28 different studies of consumer habits. They found that users abandon 68.06 percent of shopping carts. This is a tremendous revenue loss for a platform.

There are programs available, which you can implement on your platform to help. Programs like PicReel allows you to create special deals for users who are about to leave their carts. The program detects when the user is about to exit the webpage. Before exiting, the user is prompted to complete the purchase by offering them a special deal.

#2. Use Clear Formats and Call to Actions

Throughout your the platform, be sure to use clear formatting. If there is too much information on pages it can turn-off users. Make the platform as simple and easy to navigate and use as possible. The main purpose of your website is to generate sales. Having clear Add to Cart buttons is essential. Analyze the placement, color, shape, etc. well, before finalizing on one.

#3. Use Analytics Efficiently

Using free tools like Google Analytics can help with improving your platform. Learn and analyze consumer trends. It can help you discover how users navigate through your platform and which pages are most popular. It will also help you understand your target market better. Knowledge about your target market can help you develop better marketing strategies.

#4. Keep Shopping Methods Simple

The checkout process of any platform is the most crucial. It needs to offer simplicity as well as generate a sense of trust within the user. Some checkout processes involve multiple steps. These, while necessary, can frustrate users. Try to come up with creative ideas to help make the checkout process easy and quick. The longer you delay payment, the more time a user has to change their mind.

#5. Promote Your Security

The major drawback of e-commerce platforms is growing security concerns. Most consumers are growing cautious of current cybercrimes. Implement good security protocols for your platform and remember to let your users know. Try to promote your security protocols for payment as well as user information. If the user can trust your security, they are likelier to make a purchase.

#6. Recommend More Products

Consumers tend to select one or two products at a time when shopping online. Use programs to promote related products to the ones the user has selected. This increases your sales. Traditional shops use the same method to organize shelving plans for their products. By suggesting products that complement what the user is adding to their carts, you can generate more revenue.

#7. Provide Shipping

Most consumers feel that shipping charges make the product they want to purchase less appealing. This results in many abandoned carts at the time of checkout. To lower this loss of revenue, it is best to offer special rates for consumers. Tie up with one or two major shipping companies. Giving your platform users better deals on shipping can greatly increase your bottom line.
#8. Promote Consumer Reviews

When buying a product online, consumer reviews become extremely influential. Try to ensure your platform promotes consumer reviews. Some platforms try to control consumer reviews by deleting the negative ones. This is not advisable. If all reviews are positive, the user could feel misled.

It is also important to offer good website loading times. It is advisable to maintain your own servers. That would give you decent control over your website. Shop around your local ISPs for deals like Spectrum bundle deals. Select a strong connection that would be capable of handling your website traffic. Amazon calculated that they would lose $1.6 billion in revenue if their website took 1 more second to load.

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