May 6, 2019

Different Types of Structure Cable use for Best IT Services

Different Types of Structure Cable use for Best IT Services

Companies Data transmission system and Communication System are connected with a series of wires which are known as Structured Cabling. These Cables are used especially for different types of communications such as Video, Data and also helps in transferring Voice.

For bigger Companies and Offices you may need many different types of wires which may create more problems. So to make it simpler you will need a more complicated solution for the wires which are needed to be wired together. It is also necessary to have a large setup if your business or office is spread across the campus.

Cabling install should also be kept in mind on where your business is moving. Because once the structured network cable is installed then it is very difficult to change which will cost you more. Other common facilities that a business is needed is of the equipment room. Equipment generally means which is used for the communication of the internal people. Equipment is generally a thing which employees rely upon the technology in the equipment room.

These are some of the different structured network cable used for providing Best IT services in Details:

List of Structured Cabling used by the Companies for IT services:

For the Business Institution where data is so important and necessary IT infrastructure is must to be Reliable, stable, secure and robust.

Data and Voice Cabling Services-

Different Types of Structure Cable use for Best IT Services

Data and Voice Cabling Services uses many different types of structured network cables for communications such as:

Cat 5e

Cat 5e is a better version of Cat5. It is also very budget friendly which cut down a lot cost for the business or offices which are running on rental basic or are on lease. Cat 5e is basically used to optimize the network performance and it is basically used between the distance of 300 feet from the network point and it provides the speed of 1 Gbps. Cat 5e supports both Shielded twisted pair and also Unshielded Twisted pair according to the use. Cat 5e is generally recommended to be installed at Office spaces which can support fewer users with the help of Wifi support.

Cat 6 Cabling

This is the future proof cabling system which provides superfast internet speed up to 10 Gbps. Cat 6 is a lot superior and faster than Cat 5e and Cat 5. Cat 6 is extremely appropriate for the companies which heavily depends on technology on their day to day business. Cat 6 is generally considered to be the future of networking. It is slightly tighter than the Cat 5e, which will help in stopping transmission loss. Cat 6 performs at the frequencies of up to  250 Mhz. Cat 6 is used in Business with a larger number of onsite users and where a large number of file sharing is done on a regular basis.

Cat 6a

Cat 6a is the successor of Cat6 and it is the latest structured network cable which is recognized by the Telecommunication Industry. It is faster and data can cover more distance with less disturbance in the interface.


Cat3 cabling is used for landlines, fax machines or in the intercom. Cat3 is situated and proven to be the best where Fax line or dedicated phone are used. It is generally used for business

Audio Cabling:

Different Types of Structure Cable use for Best IT Services

There are Audio Cabling which is used to the speakers which are present at the walls or are mounted. These are the Cabling which is used: 

Speaker Cabling

Audio distribution system or the speakers which are mounted in the walls or in the ceiling. It is a part of a turnkey solution which helps in the installation of the speakers. Speakers Cabling are necessary for the theater, for announcements and also for the stores where ambiance music is a must.  

Optical Cabling

Optical Cabling is used where Hi-Definition audio is needed whether it is for wall-mounted speakers or for suspended speakers for ambiance. Optical cabling transfer information using multiple flashes which can carry multiple digital audios in a single cable. Two types of signals are generated or accepted which are ADAT and S/PDIF.

Video Cabling:

Different Types of Structure Cable use for Best IT Services

Coax Cabling

Coax Cabling is used by video service provider devices for wired streaming. These Cables are also used in modems which are cable-based. The cable can be found in a various different type of devices such as DVRs, TVs, and cameras which are wired. Some of the examples are replacing the current cable which has been degraded with the other.

HDMI Cable

HDMI Network cables are generally used for connecting a smaller screen to a bigger A screen like in the offices. It is normally used to project from laptop to a bigger screen in the offices for the presentation purpose their lots of people an see. HDMI means High definition media Interface which popularly known as audio and video cable. It has also reduced the tension of carrying two different cables for audio and video by including both in one.

These are some of the different types of Structured Network Cables which are mostly used by the IT service companies to provide the best IT services.

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