Jan 26, 2019

How to Be Effective with Law Firm Internet Marketing

How to Be Effective with Law Firm Internet Marketing

Digitally separating your firm from your competition is not easy to do without an understanding of the principles needed to develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

It is important that you have or partner with an agency that has a firm grasp of internet marketing for attorneys. In an industry that is tough to gain a competitive edge, it is critical that you employ an attorney internet marketing strategy that will win you, clients.

Digital marketing, as a concept, sounds weighty; however, it can be broken down into a few smaller competencies that make up the larger picture that is internet marketing.

First, you need a website. If you already have one built, it is important that implement SEO best practices across each page to ensure your content is optimized.

Organic SEO for Your Firm

To successfully implement an effective digital marketing strategy, you must first understand the basics of search engine optimization. Simply put, SEO refers to how easily your page is found through search engines like Google and Bing.

You will need to devise a set of keywords before embarking on your SEO journey. To do this think of your firm’s practice areas and the type of clients you want to take on. Then, determine the geographical locations you want to target. For example, if you want to increase your SEO rankings in personal injury and subsequently take on more clients in Detroit, Michigan, you would want to use the keyword phrase, “Personal Injury Attorney in Detroit, Michigan”.

The keyword phrases that you determine to be the most useful for your business should then be implemented throughout your firm’s website. This includes the copy used on your pages, as well as the headers and tags throughout the site. It should also be added to any blogs, which should be regularly added and updated on the site.

Correctly optimizing your site’s content will give you a boost to your Google search engine rankings. It will, in turn, produce more visitors to your firm’s page without having to pay for traditional digital advertising. It is an effective way to begin the process of adding conversions for building your client base.

PPC Advertising

Another key component to an overarching digital marketing strategy is a pay-per-click advertisement. It, like organic SEO practices, can give you a substantial increase in your number of site visitors. PPC uses search engine advertising to generate traffic directly to your website when a user clicks on the ad. This differs from organic SEO practices because you pay for the number of clicks you receive. PPC ads are prevalent in nearly all local searches on Google.

It is as important as implementing a thorough SEO strategy on your website. The cost of PPC advertising is easily offset by the number of conversions the ads typically bring. You may pay $10 per click for an advertisement that brings you, several new clients.

Social Media Optimization

Another part of an effective digital marketing strategy is social media optimization. Having a social media presence is now an important part of staying relevant in business. A large number of social media users means more potential eyes on your channels and in turn your website. You cannot afford to not have a prevalent, regularly posting social media presence.

For each of these core competencies of digital marketing, it is important that you have a thorough understanding of how they relate to your law firm. While there are some who can implement these practices on their own, it is a nearly impossible task without the help of a marketing professional.

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The web development team at Legal EFX focuses exclusively on creating, redesigning, and maintaining websites for lawyers and law firms. Additionally, we handle all digital marketing and attorney social media marketing needs for our clients upon completion of their website. Contact us today to let us know what we can do to improve your online presence.

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