May 8, 2018

Yllix media added payoneer, bitcoin and eZ Cash as a new payment method!

Yllix media is one of my best affiliate network that I have been using recently after Google AdSense, on the previous blog post I have discussed Yllix media and I also provide a full guide on how to sign up and set yllix media on your website or blog. Today’s post will basically focus on the new payment method that has been added to the Yllix network.   

Payoneer, Bitcoin, and EZ Cash are Yllix new payment method in addition to bank wire, PayPal and payza, all the needed payment method is now available in Yllix Media, publishers can now get their payment daily, weekly or monthly depend on how you wish. This is the first affiliate network that I have come across on the internet that has all the needed payment gateway on their services and this is a great achievement or them and also publishers.

Payoneer Payment: This is one of the new payment method added to Yllix media, now you can receive the payment ones you reach out $50 or above and it will be sent directly to your Payoneer account within some few minutes.

Bitcoin Payment: This is the second payment method added to Yllix media and you can receive your payment within some few minutes’ ones you reach out $10 or above. 

eZ Cash Payment: This is the last of the three new payment method that is added to Yllix media but this payment method comes with limitation because it is only made for Sri lanker users means you can only receive money with this payment method if you are a citizen of Sri Lanka else you use other methods, and you will get paid ones you reach out $10 or above either daily, monthly or weekly.

All those new payment methods are now available in dashboard settings, if you wish to change to another payment method just simply log in to your dashboard>> Account just scroll down a little bit you will find payment information and you will find the payment methods there. After choosing a payment method don’t forget to fill out your payment information to receive your cash!     

Yllix media added payoneer, bitcoin and eZ Cash as a new payment method!

The best thing I like with Yllix media is that they don’t have a specific day or time for their payment one’s you reach out the payment requirement you will successfully get your payment on your account in time.            
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