Nov 17, 2017

How I got Google AdSense Approval after 23 retries

How I got Google AdSense Approval after 23 retries

How I got Google AdSense Approval after 23 retries

I have been in blogging for almost four (4) years now, I have been submitting my application time to time but I couldn’t get approved, I had given up on using AdSense in my blog just before I unbelievably got an approval last week. The AdSense team had been so tired of seeing my application frequently to the level that I think they don’t even check my blog anymore, the just click on the disapprove button and I get the AdSense disapproval notification directly in my email informing me I have just been disapproved because my site doesn't compete with their privacy policy. I save in my mind that I will never be approved by Google AdSense so I keep on using some affiliate networks which are yllix, revenuehits, propellerads and effective ads.  

The best thing I discover with AdSense is the doesn't care more about your content length, dilly or monthly traffic, or Google does. AdSense doesn't care about duplicate content (that's how websites with duplicate news content get approved), Google does. AdSense cares about the value of your blog in terms of the blog niche. So, how did I finally get approved? The first thing I did was to observe the policies and the defects, then I noticed the rate at which duplicate news sites display AdSense ads. It was really for the first time until I reasonably came up with an answer, So, AdSense wants to make more sales or earn more money, and the best way to do that is to put ads on the most reasonable blog (as long as they don't do adult content and stuff like that). Approval is not rocket science, if you meet all the requirements your blog will definitely get approved! And if you follow through, you will have your AdSense for years!

You really want to get AdSense approval to make some money from your blog what you always dream of, that is the dream of every blogger to get AdSense approval. But wait I have an important message to tell you.

That is not so easy as you think, Google AdSense is very strict when it comes to approving a new application, everyone is trying to get AdSense approval so the try to make the process very hard. But Don’t worry you are not alone. In this article, I am going to show you tricks I follow before I get AdSense approval.

The following are something’s you need to consider before you expect AdSense approval which I also follow:

1.      You must have a blog or website
2.      Your website or blog must be at least four 4 months old active
3.      You must have a google account (Gmail account)
4.      You must be 18 years’ old
5.      Use a friendly theme (use premium theme, not free theme)
6.      Make good navigational pages
7.      Provide good blogroll and popular post for easier navigation
8.      Make sure you are free from plagiarism what It means you should not use articles and images that are posted already by some people (e.g google Search)
9.        Have good number of post in your blog
10. Make sure the language you are using in the blog is accepted by Google AdSense
11. Remove other third-party ad networks

When you provide and considerate all the listed above things your approval is guaranteed. 

Google AdSense best approval tricks

1   .      Theme: Make a new blog on blogger or WordPress. Buy and install SEO friendly, and professional looking theme. Ensure you provide a popular post, categories and blog archive. Upload a good logo and make it visible.
2    .      Pages: Make sure you set up the necessary pages like about page, contact page, disclaimer page, privacy policy page and term of service page.
3     .      Provide at least 20 good articles with good grammar
4     .      Traffic; although Google AdSense said they don’t take traffic into consideration but Google is not trustworthy at times so traffic is necessary

These 4 steps above will guarantee you Google AdSense approval within the first attempt just be patient it may likely take time under review process.  

Now here’s what I want YOU to do.

·        share this post with your friends, I’m sure they’ll love it!
·      Comment below and let me know your story about getting AdSense approved. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading!!!

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