Nov 25, 2017

How to create bootable pen drive for windows installation

How to create bootable pen drive for windows installation

nowadays a lot of people are using personal computers in their homes or offices, computers actually react sometimes like human being you may sleep in a good and comfortable health but when you weak up in the morning you may realize you are in health, so also computers there are some situation where you will find your pc is affected with either virus, malware or absent of some drivers which can affect the performance of the pc and the best way to fixed those problems is by changing your operating system. Much of people think that changing the operating system is very harder so they decided to take the pc to a specialist for repairing without knowing that the can actually be done it by themselves. That’s why I decided today to teach you how to create bootable USB drive for windows installation, there are different ways on how to create a bootable USB pen drive but in this tutorial, I will be considering the best two easiest ways to do so these ways are: -

  1. Using CMD
  2.  Using application

i.                    Flash drive (14gb recommended)
ii.                 Windows ISO

How to create bootable USB using CMD

When it comes to installing Windows with a USB drive, you need to first make your USB bootable and then the USB will work like a Windows installation disc. There are so many benefits of installing Windows and other operating systems via USB, such as faster installation, easy to carry and no fear of scratches. Creating a USB pen drive using command prompt is not hard, it is one of the most common ways to create a bootable USB. This method does not work if your operating system is Windows XP or Windows 8, you cannot select the primary partition in command prompt. Before getting started, note that the data from your USB drive will automatically clean in case you have a document in its copy and keep it in a safe place before proceeding, to create a bootable USB drive here are the steps to follow below:

Step 1:  You need to obtain the windows files from somewhere and save them to a folder on your pc. You can rip a windows dvd, or if you have the Iso image file you can open it with magic disc or daemon tools or even WinRAR, and you need to copy the whole content to a folder anywhere in your pc, you just need to make sure you know where it is located.

Step 2: Make sure your USB stick is inserted, go to start menu and search for CMD, right-click the file and select run as administrator. The command prompt will appear, now you need to write the following commands

Step 3: Type DISKPART and hit the enter button now type on list disk and hit the enter button now type on select disk 1 and hit the enter button (chose the USB device, you will recognize it by its size) and type on clean (this will erase the USB) and hit the enter button now type on create partition primary and hit the enter button, write select partition 1 and hit the enter button type active and hit the enter button, and now type on format fs=ntfs quick (this will format the USB drive).

Step 4: After the format is done you have to continue writing in command prompt: type on assign and hit the enter button (now you will notice that the USB drive changed its letter to (H): or (G)) type on exit and hit the enter button (this command will exit the disk part function).

Step 5: Now you have to copy all the files in the windows folder to your USB drive.

Step 6: ALL DONE. You can now restart your pc and boot from the USB hard drive.

How to create bootable USB using Application

This step is more simple than the first one, here we are using an application instead of command prompt.

Step 1: You need to download an application called yumi, after downloading run the application on a pc

Step 2:  Accept the term of service by clicking the “I agree” button,

Step 3: for the first button you need to select the USB Drive that you will use for the installation,

while the second button under ‘windows to go/install’ you should choose “single windows vista 7/8/10 installer”   

on your right button, you will now see a button with “browse” indicated on it now click on it, you will be redirected to your pc files here you have to look where your ISO windows are and click on the file. 

Now click on the create button it will take some few minutes be patient after it is complete click on the next button now a popup window will display asking you would you like to create multiple windows just click on “NO”. and click on finish. You are Done!! Your USB windows installation Pen drive is now ready for your windows installation.

What’s next?

In order to boot a USB drive on a PC, you must change the boot device order from BIOS settings. By default, the first boot device is CD/DVD.

How do I revert USB from bootable to default?

You can continue to use the bootable USB by deleting OS installation files. It will work same as a non-bootable drive. In case you’re facing some problems with bootable, then go perform a format on USB by clicking Restore device defaults.

you can also watch video tutorial how to make it

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