Sep 21, 2017

How to remove popup ads on chrome

Hello Welcome to Guide Tricks Tutorial, today I am going to discuss on how you can remove popup or popunder advertisement, have you been frustrating ads popping up on your screen at random times even when there shouldn’t be any ads at all? The are various times when you are using your browser you can figure that some popup or popunder advertisement are popping in your screen and you are very sure that the site you have visited has no popup or popunder and you are sure that such site can use popup or popunder advertisement because it is very annoying, in such case you are infected with an adware, and you’ve come to the right place to get this fixed.

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First let’s check out what does Adware Really Means??

Adware is a form of malware. An application or command that is considered malicious. There are many different types of adware. Some of them change your browser’s homepage and search engine, some of them will keep on redirecting you to random websites, others will have pop-ups coming up on your face at all times, and many more.

The really funny thing you need to know is that we’re usually the ones who install these by ourselves. Do you know how?? They commonly come bundled with freeware programs. Usually we don’t provide a specific time and sit to read the terms of agreement of a freeware program, we just try to find where the tick box is located and we just click on it which says “install this program”, “Continue with Installation” or something Similar. That’s how adware gets directly inside your PC in an easier way.

Why does Developers Add Such Things in some free Software?

The Answer is Clearly and Straight Forward is to make “money”. It’s a dirty way for such people to force you watch their ads so that they can earn a revenue from it. this is against the terms of agreement in all of the ad networks that I’ve ever seen. So, they have to make sure that the ad network which they are using, will not realize that they are “utilizing” their ads in such a way, So the use this opportunity to add the ads in the application or software.

How to Remove Adware Manually

This manual method works for adware that has changed your search engine, redirects you to random websites, and one that has changed your browser’s homepage.

Click on the options button which is on the top right corner of Chrome. Then move your mouse over to “more tools”, and click on extensions.

Now click on “Get more extension” you will be redirect to chrome to store now search for “Fair AdBlocker” in the search button and install it in your chrome browser.

How to Remove Adware Automatically

The easiest way to remove adware automatically, is by using an Anti-Malware. I personally prefer MalwareFox for that kind of job. Just go to, download the free version of the Anti-Malware, install it, perform a full scan with it, and remove everything that it detects. That’s all. Easy right? If you have any other way on how to block popup, popunder advertisement write it down in the comment box below:
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