Sep 5, 2017

HTML Tutorial (4)


Defines an abbreviation
Defines an acronym
Defines an address element
Defines a citation
Defines computer code text
Defines a long quotation
Defines text
Defines a definition term
Defines emphasized text
Defines inserted text
Defines keyboard text
Defines preformatted text
Defines a short quotation
Defines sample computer code
Defines a variable
Defines strong text

Physical Tags     

Defines bold text
Defines big text
Defines italic text
Defines small text
Defines superscripted text
Defines subscripted text
Defines teletype text
Deprecated. Use styles instead

Headings and Document Hierarchy

In the example above, we use an h1 element to show a major heading. If we wanted to include a subheading beneath this heading, we would use the h2 element. A subheading under an h2 would use an h3 element, and so on, until we get to h6. The lower the heading level, the lesser its importance and the smaller the font size. With headings, an important and commonsense practice is to ensure that they do not jump out of sequence. In other words, you should start from level one, and work your way down through the levels in numerical order. You can jump back up from a lower-level heading to a higher one, provided that the content under the higher level heading to which you’ve jumped does not refer to concepts that are addressed under the lower-level heading. It may be useful to visualize your headings as a list:
·        First Major Heading
           Also Read:

o   First Subheading
o   Second Subheading
§  A Sub-subheading
§   Another Major Heading
§  Another Subheading
Here’s the XHTML view of the example shown above:

<h1>First Major Heading</h1>
<h2>First Subheading</h2>
<h2>Second Subheading</h2>
<h3>A Sub-subheading</h3>
<h1>Another Major Heading</h1>
<h2>Another Subheading</h2>
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